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Faculty and Staff Profile

David Lawrence White

Research Asst Professor

Office: Watt Family Innovation Center/
Phone: 864-328-7766

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Marine Science
University of South Carolina 2003

M.S. Marine Biology
College of Charleston 1997

B.S. Biology
University of Oregon 1991

 Courses Taught

PRTM 3910-9000, Special Topics: Introduction to GIS, S2016,S2015
PRTM 8040 009, Independent Study, F2013
FNR 4700, Creative Inquiry/Vanishing Firefly Project, F2013, S2014
SSCS 4960 002, Creative Inquiry/Soil Orders of South Carolina Extension Materials, S2014
SSCS 4970 002, Creative Inquiry Lab/Soil Orders of South Carolina Extension Materials, S2014


Dr. White has an extensive background in developing, planning, and implementing activities in support of environmental information management systems. His efforts include the development of web-based metadata authoring systems, directing the deployment of hardware and software systems for real-time data collection systems, and the design and implementation of spatially-enabled relational databases to support geospatial portals and web services. His most recent efforts include: 1) Data and Information Architect: Vanishing Firefly Project and; 2) Activities to support park and resource conservation initiatives in eastern Africa including mobile application development; 3) Open Source Database design and deployment (environmental monitoring and biological solutions) to support Clemson research community and Public Service Activities; 4) Open Source focused Socio-Ecological GIS and quantitative architecture, Oceans and Human Health Initiative (retired), NOAA Hollings Marine Lab 2003-2008; and 5) Data and Information Management technologies (retired) Ocean Observation Systems 2000-2003.

 Research Publications

Refereed Journal Publications

In Review: Kitheka, B.M., Baldwin, B., White, D.L., Harding, D., “A Different We in Urban Sustainability: How the City of Chattanooga, TN, Community Defined their Own Sustainability Path”, International Journal of Tourism Cities, 2016

In Review: Lyons, R., White, D. and Cook, “Assessing participant demographics in a PPSR project: comparing two survey techniques”, Public Understanding of Science, 2016

Greenfield, D. I., Duquette, A., Goodson, A.M., Keppler, C.J., Williams, S.H., Brock, L.M., DeMattio, K., White, D., and Wilde, S., “The Effects of Three Chemical Algaecides on Mitigating Levels and Toxicity of the Harmful Cyanobacteria Microcystis Aeruginosa and Anabaenopsis sp.,” Environmental Management, 54(5): 1110-1120. (November, 2014).

Hitchcock, D., Jayakaran, A.D., and White, D.L., “Green Infrastructure in Coastal Landscapes: Hydrological Function, Ecological Design, and Sustainable Land Use Guidance,” Journal of South Carolina Water Resources, 1(1): 35-39 (June, 2014).

Chow A.T., Chong, J.H., Cook, M., and White, D., “Vanishing fireflies: A Citizen-Science Project Promoting Scientific Inquiry and Environmental Stewardship,” Science Education & Civil Engagement, 6: 23-31 (January, 2014).

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Sanger, D., Blair, A., DiDonato, G., Washburn, T., Jones, S., Riekerk, G., Wirth, E., Stewart, J., White, D., Vandiver, L. and Holland, A.F., “Impacts of Coastal Development on the Ecology of Tidal Creek Ecosystems of the US Southeast Including Consequences to Humans,” Estuaries and Coasts, 1-18 (May 3, 2013) DOI: 10.1007/s12237-013-9635-y.

White, D.L., Wolf, D., Porter, D.E., Sanger, D., Reikirk, G., Didonato, G., Holland, F., and Dabney, D., “Development of a Data Management Framework in Support of Southeastern Tidal Creek Research,” Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 150(1-4): 323-331 (2009).

White, D.L., Porter, D.E., Lewitus, A.J., and Keesee, J., “Spatial Gradient Analyses of Nutrients and Chlorophyll a Biomass in an Urbanized Lagoonal Estuary: A Comparison Between Wet and Dry Periods,” Journal of Coastal Research, 24(3): 649-659 (2008).

Conference Proceedings (Reviewed)

White, D.L., Pargas, R., Chow, A., Chong, J., Cook, M., and Tak, I., “The Vanishing Firefly Project: Engaging Citizen Scientists with a Mobile Technology and Real-Time Reporting Framework,” 5th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on GeoStreaming (IWGS), Dallas, TX (November 4, 2014).

Taylor, I. Sharp, J.L., White, D.L., Hallstrom, J.O., Eidson, G., von Oehsen, J.B., Duffy, E.B., Privette III, C.V., Cook, C.T., Sampath, A., and Radhakrishnan, G., “Monitoring Sensor Measurement Anomalies of Streaming Environmental Data Using a Local Correlation Score,” Computing for Geospatial Research and Application (COM.Geo), San Jose (July, 2013) DOI: 10.1109/COMGEO.2013.25.

Esswein, S., Goasguen, S., Post, C., Hallstrom, J., White, D., and Eidson, G., “Towards Ontology-based Data Quality Inference in Large-Scale Sensor Networks,” 12th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (ccgrid 2012). Ottawa, Canada (May 13-16, 2012)

White, D. L., Sharp, J. L., Eidson, G., Parab, S., Ali, F., and Esswein, S., “Real-Time Quality Control (QC) Processing, Notification, and Visualization Services, Supporting Data Management of The Intelligent River,” Proceedings of the South Carolina Water Resources Conference, Columbia, SC (October 13-14, 2010).

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