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Research Applications

Health Systems

Health systems are characterized by increasingly complex challenges to equitably delivering safe and effective care. Researchers in IE are working to address these through a variety of methods, including performance and behavioral modeling, supply chain optimization, systems engineering, user-centered design, and clinical trials. Domains include surgery, anesthesia, emergency medicine, telehealth, radiology, and pharmaceuticals. The research projects serve a broad range of goals including improving patient safety, efficiency and costs of care, and training and education.

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Production and Manufacturing Systems

Production and manufacturing systems are undergoing profound changes driven by eCommerce and emerging technologies. From "lights out" facilities that can produce items with no human input to massive order fulfillment centers for eRetailers, designing the systems that support these requirements is a challenge for academic and industrial researchers around the world. Designing effective systems also requires the inclusion of technology like additive manufacturing, autonomous material handling vehicles (e.g., forklifts), and self-organizing conveyors for companies to retain a competitive advantage in the future.

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Resilience and Security in Complex Networks

Resilience can be defined as the ability of a system to respond or adapt when challenged by stressful events in order to maintain its operations. Security is focused on the ability of a system to maintain operations in the face of malicious threats. The resilience and security of complex networks can be enhanced by Operations Research (OR), which seeks to mathematically model and understand these concepts for a variety of networks, including civil infrastructure, cyber-physical systems, and supply chain networks. It can also be enhanced through the use of Human Factors (HF), which seeks to understand decision-making and the interactions between humans and complex networks during stressful events. Clemson IE researchers are applying OR, HF, and integrating methods across both domains to improve resilience and security for networks critical for society and also disrupting illicit networks that have significant socially detrimental impacts.

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Transportation and Logistics

Optimizing the movement of people and goods is a long-standing research area with new possibilities due to advances in transportation technologies and data analytics. Operations research can enhance the routing, dispatching, staffing, and pricing decisions in emerging mobility systems such as ride-hailing and on-demand urban deliveries. With the deployment of disruptive technologies such as connected and automated vehicles, drones, and mobile devices, human factors play a central role in designing human-centric mobility and logistics systems. Clemson IE researchers are applying OR and HF to enhance the safety, efficiency, and equity of urban mobility services.

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