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Industrial Engineering

Research Applications

Real-World Applications

Research in the Department of Industrial Engineering is distributed across four primary areas of applications.

  1. Health Systems
  2. Production and Manufacturing Systems
  3. Resilience and Security in Complex Networks
  4. Transportation and Logistics
Inside warehouse with data points from equipment to products.
Health systems research in operating room.

Health Systems

Health systems are characterized by increasingly complex challenges to equitably delivering safe and effective care. The research projects serve a broad range of goals, including improving patient safety, efficiency, cost of care, and training and education.

Health Systems Research

Production and Manufacturing Systems

Designing effective systems also requires the inclusion of technology like additive manufacturing, autonomous material handling vehicles, and self-organizing conveyors for companies to retain a competitive advantage in the future.

Production Systems Research
Overhead of use of production and manufacturing systems research
Disaster resilience response research

Resilience and Security in Complex Networks

Clemson IE researchers are applying Operations Research and Human Factors and integrating across both domains to improve resilience and security for networks critical for society and also disrupt illicit networks that have significant socially detrimental impacts.

Resilience Networks Research

Transportation and Logistics

Optimizing the movement of people and goods is a long-standing research area with new possibilities due to advances in transportation technologies and data analytics. Clemson IE focuses on enhancing the safety, efficiency, and equity of urban mobility services.

Transportation Research
Self-driving vehicle as part of transportation and logistics research