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Resilience and Security in Complex Networks

Resilience can be defined as the ability of a system to respond or adapt when challenged by stressful events in order to maintain its operations. Security is focused on the ability of a system to maintain operations in the face of malicious threats. The resilience and security of complex networks can be enhanced by Operations Research (OR), which seeks to mathematically model and understand these concepts for a variety of networks, including civil infrastructure, cyber-physical systems, and supply chain networks. It can also be enhanced through the use of Human Factors (HF), which seeks to understand decision-making and the interactions between humans and complex networks during stressful events. Clemson IE researchers are applying OR, HF, and integrating methods across both domains to improve resilience and security for networks critical for society and also disrupting illicit networks that have significant socially detrimental impacts.

This area includes:

  • Disaster Relief/Response
  • Illicit Trafficking
  • Institutional Adaptation to Fundamental Surprises
  • Anomaly Detection in Industrial Control Systems

Faculty in this Area:

Sudeep HegdeDan LiQi LuoThomas SharkeyYongjia SongEmily Tucker 





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