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Health Systems

Health systems are characterized by increasingly complex challenges to equitably delivering safe and effective care. Researchers in IE are working to address these through a variety of methods, including performance and behavioral modeling, supply chain optimization, systems engineering, user-centered design, and clinical trials. Domains include surgery, anesthesia, emergency medicine, telehealth, radiology, and pharmaceuticals. The research projects serve a broad range of goals including improving patient safety, efficiency and costs of care, and training and education.

This area includes:

  • Decision Making
  • Performance Modeling
  • Quality and Safety
  • Policy and Operations
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • Occupational and Industrial Safety
  • Data-driven Human Performance and behavior modeling
  • Digital (wearable) monitoring and Analytics
  • User-interface Design
  • Observations
  • Interviews
  • Clinical Trial Planning
  • Control of Infectious Diseases

Faculty in this Area:

Jackie ChaSudeep Hegde, Tugce IsikKapil Chalil MadathilDavid Neyens, Kevin M. Taaffe, Emily Tucker





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