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Student Accessibility Services

Insufficient Documentation

Occasionally, provisional accommodations may be granted on a case-by-case basis without third-party documentation. However, in most circumstances documentation from a third-party professional will be necessary to support eligibility and determine appropriate accommodations. SAS has the discretion to require additional documentation if it is determined that the existing documentation/information is incomplete or inadequate to ascertain the existence of a disability or the need for accommodation.

A general statement of symptoms or difficulties is often insufficient. SAS does not interpret a diagnosis or the current impact and/or functional limitations from documentation; therefore, the following materials alone are generally insufficient to determine eligibility:

  • Official medical records, medical chart notes or prescription pad notations; 

  • High school IEPs, 504 plans, and/or SOPs not accompanied by disability documentation are typically considered insufficient documentation. 

  • Documents prepared for specific non-educational venues (e.g. SSA, hospital discharge documents, letters written for off-campus housing considerations, etc.).

SAS has the discretion to require additional documentation if the existing documentation is incomplete or inadequate to determine the existence of a disability or the need for accommodations.

Records of Past Accommodations

SAS will consider records of past accommodations when evaluating a current request for accommodation. Past information is often helpful to develop an understanding of how conditions are likely to impact the student. However, additional current documentation is also needed in many situations. Past records may include, but are not limited to:

  • A description of the student’s needs. 

  • Records of past accommodations and services from high school or another college/university. 

  • Psychological or medical evaluations from childhood. 

  • Letters from past health, education or service providers. 

  • A Summary of Performance (a document prepared between the high school and the student in transition planning) is generally not considered acceptable documentation in and of itself. 

Any past documentation submitted should be signed and dated on letterhead and completed by a qualified professional (e.g. medical doctor, psychologist, counselor).