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Student Accessibility Services

Electronic Textbooks

The term "electronic text" refers to electronic files of print media (such as Word documents or PDFs). Typically, these files are formatted to be used with text-to-speech technology. Students who have accommodations for electronic textbooks (e-text) may follow the instructions below to submit textbook requests in the AIM Portal.

How to submit electronic textbook requests

STEP 1:  

After purchasing your textbook and obtaining a copy of your proof of purchase, log into your AIM Portal

STEP 2:  

Scroll down and click the Alternate Format tab on the left side of your dashboard page. Verify that you have entered your E-Text format preference (i.e., PDF, doc, Braille) in the dropdown menu on this page. 

STEP 3:  

Manually enter your request for your textbook making sure to include the title, author, ISBN-13 and edition for each book. Proof of purchase or rental of textbooks must be provided with the request form. If you are unable to submit a request for e-text to upload your proof of purchase on your student portal, you may choose to email your request to or drop off a completed copy of the E-Text Request Form (docx) and proof of purchase to Student Accessibility Services in the Academic Success Center, Suite 239. Student Accessibility Services staff will confirm receipt of your E-Text Request Form (docx) and verify that your proof of purchase matches the textbook requests that you have submitted before processing your requests. 

STEP 4:  

Occasionally, e-texts are not available for some books. If this is the case, Student Accessibility Services staff will notify you. If this situation occurs, Student Accessibility Services can cut the spine off your textbook and scan each page to create a PDF file of the book. This process can take longer to complete and return to you. 

STEP 5:  

E-texts are delivered to your student email address via a Clemson Box Download Link (Clemson Box is a cloud storage system provided by CCIT). The link may expire after a few business days so you will need to open the link to download your e-texts in a timely manner.