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Student Accessibility Services

Testing Accommodation Guidance

Students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) may receive testing accommodations to meet their accessibility needs. The student will communicate testing accommodations to their instructors via the Faculty Notification Letter. If the instructor would like to utilize the University Testing and Education Center (UTEC) for their student’s testing accommodations, the instructor will submit an Alternative Testing Contract. The Alternative Testing Contract outlines the general parameters of how exams are to be administered by the UTEC. Alternatively, instructors may proctor their own exams using space within their department, unless otherwise specified. Instructors are responsible for ensuring accommodations are effectively implemented in a timely manner.



Alternative Testing Contracts

It is the responsibility of the student to request their testing accommodations from SAS so that a notification letter can be sent to you via email. After receiving a Faculty Notification Letter, discussing the implementation of the alternative testing accommodations with the student, and determining if the student will utilize the University Testing and Education Center (UTEC), please submit an Alternative Testing Contract in the Instructor Dashboard under the Alternative Testing tab. The Alternative Testing Contract outlines the general parameters of how your exams are to be administered by the UTEC (i.e., allotted time, permitted materials, etc.). If you decide to administer the exam yourself, there is no need to fill out an Alternative Testing Contract. 

If you have multiple students in the same class and section, the contract will automatically copy to the other students. Any subsequent Faculty Notification Letters will not include a link to fill out a contract if one has already been completed for another student in that section. 

If you have multiple students in the same course but enrolled in different sections, you still need to complete an Alternative Testing Contract for each section. However, you can fill out a contract for one section and manually copy it to another. This feature can be accessed under the Alternative Testing tab of the instructor dashboard. 

*Note: Both instructors and students are responsible for mutually agreeing upon a suitable time to conduct exams that does not interfere with the student’s class schedule. * 
**Instructors can view their dashboard to manage their Alternative Testing Contracts and view exam requests in the Instructor Dashboard.** 

Proctoring Resources

Several different methods can be utilized to assess a student’s mastery of your course materials. Some instructors choose to offer group assignments, presentations, final papers, projects, discussions and so on to evaluate student learning, while some instructors choose to give module tests, quizzes, midterms or final exams as their primary methods. If you choose to give an exam on paper or in Clemson’s Learning Management System, we encourage you to consider checking for accessibility so that the assessments themselves do not present barriers that may keep your students from showing their mastery.  

Clemson University’s Accessibility Portal offers a variety of accessibility resources for students, staff and visitors. Instructors can learn more about the best practices for implementing accessibility and follow Do-It-Yourself-Guides for creating accessible content.