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Student Accessibility Services

Academic Accommodation Requests

How to Make a Request

  1. Generally, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) requires documentation of the student’s disability to determine eligibility. Students should review the SAS Documentation Guidelines and submit documentation with their Academic Accommodation Request Form as soon as possible. 

  2. Complete the Academic Accommodation Request Form and upload documentation. Documentation must be uploaded by the student. Request forms received without documentation may be deleted. 

  3. Once the request form is received, SAS staff will review all information and send a follow up email to the student’s Clemson email address with next steps. 

    1. If a student indicates on their Academic Accommodation Request Form that they would like to be considered for an Alternative Review process, they are indicating interest in voluntarily foregoing a Welcome Meeting. The student will receive information via their Clemson email regarding their eligibility for academic accommodations and how to notify their faculty members, or SAS staff will follow up via Clemson email to schedule a Welcome Meeting.

    2. When a meeting is necessary or preferred, students will be invited to schedule a Welcome Meeting with SAS to discuss their request further.