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Student Accessibility Services

How to Register

Once enrolled at Clemson University, students may wish to start the process of requesting accommodations.  In order to start this process, students should submit an accommodation request form. Eligibility for accommodations is determined by several factors, which will be discussed at the Welcome Meeting, and accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please check out Requesting Accommodations.

Students (and parents) should be aware that services and accommodations at the college level may be different from those received in high school. Legal mandates and guidelines for higher education differ from those in the K–12 arena. Clemson University will make reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access for students with disabilities.

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Requesting Accommodations

Documentation Guidelines

Transitioning to Clemson

Welcome Meetings

Student Accessibility Services
Student Accessibility Services | Suite 239, Class of ’56 Academic Success Center Building, 836 McMillan Rd. Clemson, SC 29634