Tiger 2 Tiger

Tiger 2 Tiger program at Clemson University, Clemson SC

Student Accessibility Services believes that students with documented disabilities should be fully included and affirmed as valued community members throughout Clemson University. Tiger2Tiger is a Speakers Bureau consisting of currently enrolled and recently graduated Clemson University students. Students have completed training on public speaking and narrative development to engage the Clemson community in a healthy dialogue regarding disability awareness and disability services. Through personal storytelling, speakers share their experiences in an effort to promote Universal Design principles, self-knowledge, self-advocacy, and self-sufficiency to promote a greater inclusion of persons with disabilities at Clemson University.

Clemson University students and alumni share their stories in an effort to:

  • Educate the Clemson community about what it means to be a student with a documented disability
  • Provide basic facts and true-life experience about disabilities
  • Dispel myths and stereotypes about students with disabilities
  • Build understanding and acceptance through open and honest dialogue
  • Provide positive disabled and allied role models
  • Present information about persons with disabilities in a non-threatening, non-judgmental atmosphere

Request a Tiger2Tiger Session

Any Clemson student, faculty, or staff member may request a Tiger2Tiger session. Our volunteers are happy to visit classes, student organizations, residence halls, staff trainings, or various other events. We ask for requests to be made three weeks in advance.

Volunteer as a Speaker 

We welcome students with documented disabilities who are currently registered through Student Accessibility Services to apply to be part of this group. All of our panelists complete a one-time training in narrative storytelling and disability awareness.