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Faculty and Staff Profile

Michal M Jerzmanowski

Associate Professor

Office: 318L Wilbur O. and Ann Powers Hall
Personal Website:

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Economics
Brown Univeristy 2003

M.A. Economics
Warsaw Univeristy 1998

 Courses Taught

Intermediate Macroeconomics
International Macroeconomics
Creative Inquiry
International Finance (Ph.D.)
Economic Development (Ph.D.)


I am an applied macroeconomist with interest in economic growth, financial development, and income inequality. Some of my past research focused on understanding cross-country productivity differences, evaluating the potential benefits of stock market bubbles, and investigating the link between financial development and wage inequality. My current research deals with non-factor-neutral technology differences across countries, skill and capital bias of technological change and consumption spending under credit constraints. For a non-technical description of one of my recent papers see

 Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Financial Development, Income Inequality

 Research Publications

"Medium Term Growth" (with David Cuberes), in Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, ed. O. LaGrandville, 2011.

"Financial Development and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence" (with Malhar Nabar), ECONOMIC INQUIRY, 2011.

"Democracy, Diversification, and Growth Reversals", (with David Cuberes), May 2009, ECONOMIC JOURNAL, Vol 119, Issue 540, p. 1270-1302.

"The Welfare Consequences of Irrational Exuberance: Stock Market Booms, Research Investment, and Productivity" (with Malhar Nabar), JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS, 2008, vol. 30, issue 1, p. 111-133.