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Faculty and Staff Profile

Oriana Aragón

Assistant Professor

Office: Sirrine Hall, office 259
Phone: 864-656-0392

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Psychology
Yale University 2014

M.S. Psychology
Yale University 2011

M.Phil. Psychology
Yale University 2012

B.A. Psychology
California State University, San Marcos 2009

A.A. Behavioral Sciences
Palomar Community College 2007

 Courses Taught

Marketing Analytics
Consumer Behavior

 Research Interests

My research interests consistently align with human emotions and their consequences for observable human behavior. I want to understand how we perceive, engage, and react emotionally to the people and things that we encounter.

In my research I work to build and inform theoretical models in the realm of marketing and policy. Emotional responses can be used as gauges of the impact of marketing efforts, proximal predictors of consumer behaviors, and indices of the outcomes of consumer experiences.

Dr. Aragón is interested in emotion expression, perception, connectedness, and regulation. Her current investigations explore why at times our emotional expressions are not congruent with how we might feel. For instance people display "nervous laughter" and "tears of joy." Dr. Aragón examines why these expressions might come about, what purpose these expressions might serve, and how they might be relevant to consumer behavior.

Interpersonal Relationships
Along with Dr. Margaret Clark and Dr. Lindsey Beck, Dr. Aragón, explores how it is that people navigate the initiation of new relationships.

Organizational Diversity & Education
Dr. Aragón also investigates systematic factors that lead to minority groups' under representation, and best education practices within academia and business.

 Research Publications


Aragón, O. R. & Bargh, J. A. (2018). “So Happy I Could Shout!” and “So Happy I Could Cry!” Dimorphous Expressions Represent and Communicate Motivational Aspects of Positive Emotions. Cognition and Emotion, 32(2), 286-302. doi:10.1080/02699931.2017.1301388

Aragón, O. R. & Clark, M. S. (2018). "Tears of Joy" & "Smiles of Joy" Prompt Distinct Patterns of Interpersonal Emotion Regulation. Cognition & Emotion, 32(5), 913-940.

Aragón, O. R. (2017). "Tears of Joy" and "Tears and Joy?" Personal Accounts of Dimorphous and Mixed Expressions of Emotion. Motivation and Emotion, 41(3), 370-392. doi:10.1007/s11031-017-9606-x

Aragón, O. R. (2016). "I couldn't help but to cry!" "I couldn't help but to yell 'Yes!'" Dimorphous expressions inform consumers of users' motivational orientations. Advances in Consumer Research, 44, 384-385.

Aragón, O. R., Clark, M. S., Dyer, R. L., & Bargh, J. A. (2015). Dimorphous expressions of emotion: Evidence of concept in aggressive displays toward cute stimuli. Psychological Science, 26 (3), 259-273. doi:10.1177/0956797614561044 Journal impact factor, 5.48.

Aragón, O. R., Sharer, E. A., Bargh, J. A., & Pineda, J. A. (2014). Modulations of mirroring activity by desire for social connection and relevance of movement. Social Cognitive Affective Neuroscience, 9, 1762-1769. Journal impact factor, 7.37.

Aragón, O. R. (2014). Factors in understanding and emotional engagement during real-time interactions. Doctoral dissertation, Yale University.

Interpersonal Relationships

Clark, M.S., Beck, L. A., & Aragón, O. R. (forthcoming). Relationship Initiation: Bridging the Gap Between Initial Attraction and Well-Functioning Communal Relationships APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology, Vol.1, Chapter 23.

Clark, M. S., Aragón, O. R., & Hirsch, J. L. (2015). Social relationships in adulthood. Interpersonal Relationships. International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition. James Wright (ed.).

Clark, M. S. & Aragón, O. R. (2013). Communal (and other) relationships: History, theory development, recent findings, and future directions. The Oxford Handbook of Close Relationships, 255-280.

Research with Neuroscience Methodology

Orndorff-Plunkett, F., Singh, F., Aragón, O. R., Pineda, J. A. (2017). An organizing principle for assessing the effectiveness of neurofeedback training. Brain Sciences, 7(95), 1-22. Special edition Best Practices in Social Neuroscience.

Aragón, O. R., Sharer, E. A., Bargh, J. A., & Pineda, J. A. (2014). Modulations of mirroring activity by desire for social connection and relevance of movement. Social Cognitive Affective Neuroscience, 9, 1762-1769.

Pineda, J. A., Bai, J.-M., Aragón, O. R., et al., (2012). The impact of plasticity-induced rehabilitation training on face processing in high functioning autism: A mu rhythm perspective. Advances in Psychology Research, 91, 235-263.

Pineda, J. A., Pelton, H., Aragón, O. R., et al., (2011). Behavioral and electrophysiological characterization of induced neural plasticity in the autistic brain. Autism: A Neurodevelopmental Journey from Genes to Behaviour, Dr. Valsamma Eapen (Ed.), 445-462.

Diversity & Education

Bathgate, M. E., Aragón, O. R., Cavanagh, A. J., Waterhouse, J., Frederick, J., & Graham, M. J. (forthcoming). Perceived supports and evidence-based teaching in college STEM. International Journal of STEM Education.

Bathgate, M. E., Aragón, O. R., Cavanagh, A., Frederick, J., & Graham, M. J. (forthcoming). Supports: A key factor in faculty implementation of evidence-based teaching. CBE- Education.

Aragón, O. R., Eddy, S. L., & Graham, M. J. (2019). Faculty beliefs about intelligence are related to the adoption of active learning practices. CBE Education, 17(3), 1-9.

Cavannah, A., J., Aragón, O. R., Chen, X., Couch, B., Hurham, M., Bobrownicki, A., Hanauer, D. I., & Graham, M. (2016). Student buy-in to active learning in college science course. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 15(4), ar76. Journal impact factor 3.93.

Aragón, O. R., Dovidio, J. F., & Graham, M. J. (2016). Colorblind and multicultural ideologies are associated with faculty adoption of inclusive teaching practices. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. Advance online publication.

Aragón, O. R., Clark, M. S., & Graham, M. J. (2014). Summer undergraduate research programs and female students’ mastery, self-efficacy and academic persistence. Published Proceedings of Northeastern Educational Research Association. Guilford, CT.


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