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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

Profile Information

Russell Purvis

Russell L. Purvis


Office: 112R-College of Business


 Educational Background

    Ph.D. Information and Management Science
    Florida State University 1994

    M.B.A. Marketing
    Georgia State University 1985

    B.S. Systems Analysis
    University of Miami 1980

Courses Taught

  • Seminar in Organizational Impacts of Information Systems (Doctorate)
  • Project Management (Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • E Commerce (Graduate)
  • Systems Analysis and Design (Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • Strategic Management(Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • Systems Implementation
  • Information Technology Management (Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • Quantitative Models for Business Decisions
  • Independent Studies


Dr. Purvis teaches courses in the areas of project and technology management. His current research interests focus on the project management and the development and implementation of information systems . His articles have been published or accepted to be published in MIS Quarterly, Management Science, Organization Science, Journal of Management Studies, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management among others, as well as national proceedings. He was awarded (2002) the Emerging Scholar Award and (2012) the Service Award within the College of Business and Behavioral Science at Clemson University, 2018 College of Business Service Award and Interdisciplinary Collaboration - Teaching/Service, 2021. Prior to joining the Clemson University, Dr. Purvis was on faculty at the University of Central Florida where he received the 1997 Galloway award from the Management Department for outstanding research, teaching and service, the 1998 Galloway award from the Management Department for outstanding teaching, the 1998 Galloway award from the College of Business for the best undergraduate teaching, and a 1998 teaching award from the State of Florida.

Research Interests

  • Current research interests include project management and the issues in the implementation of IT applications within organizations.

Research Publications

  • 1. Zagenczyk, T. J., Cruz, K.,Scott, K., Purvis, R. L. "Perceptions of Co-Worker Exclusion and Performance Outcomes: Are Different Forms of Support Helpful or Hurtful?" Journal of Management & Organization, accepted.
  • 2. Zagenczyk, T. J., Purvis, R. L. Cruz, K., Thoroughgood, C., Sawyer, K. "Who matters to shared psychological climate perceptions? An investigation of social network tie types and attributes" The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Sep2021, p1-25.
  • 3. Zagenczyk, T. J., Purvis, R. L., Cruz, K. S., Thoroughgood, C., & Sawyer, K. The influence of perceived ethical climate on the relationships between perceived organizational support and employee identification, commitment, and tension. International Journal of Human Resource Management, Dec 2021, Vol. 32(22), p4752-4771.
  • 4. Zagenczyk, T., Smallfield, J., Scott, K., Galloway, B., and Purvis, R. The Moderating Effect of Psychological Contract Violation on the Relationship Between Narcissism and Outcomes: An Application of Trait Activation Theory. 2017, 8, 1113-125 Frontiers in Psychology.
  • 5. Purvis, R., Henry, R., Tams, S. and Grover, V, The Impact of Residual Risk and Resultant Problems in Information Systems Development Project Performance. Project Management Journal, 2015, 47 (4), 51-67.
  • 6. Purvis, R., Zagenczyk, T. and McCray, G. What's in it for me? Using expectancy theory and climate to explain stakeholder participation, its direction and intensity. International Journal of Project Management, 2015, 33(1), 3-14.
  • 7. Henry, R., Narayanaswamy, R., and Purvis, R. Understanding the Effect of Control on Information Systems Development Project Performance via Meta-Analysis. Journal of Computer Information Systems, 2015, 55(3), 46-55.
  • 8. Zagenczyk, T., Purvis, R., Shoss, M., Scott, K., and Cruz, K. [the first and second author contributed equally] Social Influence and Leader Perceptions: Multiplex Social Network Ties and Similarity in Leader-Member Exchange. Journal of Business and Psychology, 2013, 30(1) pp. 1-13.
  • 9. Zagenczyk, T.J., Gibney, R., Few, W.T., and Purvis, R. The ties that influence: A social network analysis of prototypical employees’ effects on job attitudes among coworkers. Journal of Management Policy and Practice 2013, 14(4), 26-42 (IF=.6).
  • 10. Scott, K., Zagenczyk, T., Schippers, M., and R. Purvis. Coworker Exclusion and Employee Outcomes: An Investigation of the Moderating Roles of Perceived Organizational and Social Support. Journal of Management Studies, 2013, 51(8), 1235-1256.
  • 11. Lim, J., (doctoral student), Grover, V. and Purvis, R. Consumer Choice of E-Channels for Purchasing: An Empirical Investigation of the Communicative Aspects of Information Quality. IEEE Transactions in Engineering Management, 2012, 59(3), 348-363 (IF=1.45).
  • 12. Ayyagari, R. (doctoral student), V. Grover, R. Purvis. Technostress: Technological Antecedents and Implications. MIS Quarterly, 2011, 35(4), 831-858
  • 13. Purvis, R., Henry, R., Leigh, W., and McCray, G. Are You Managing an ‘Everest’ Project? A Case Study Considering Issues for Project Managers Born from Tragedy. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 2009, 24(44).
  • 14. Leigh, W., and Purvis, R. Historical Impulse Response of Return Analysis Shows Information Technology Improves Stock Market Efficiency. Informatica, 33(2), 199–203, 2009.
  • 15. Leigh, W., Frohlich, C., Hornik, S., Purvis, R., and Roberts, T. Trading with a Stock Chart Heuristic. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, And Cybernetics, 38(1), 93-104, 2008.
  • 16. Leigh, W., and Purvis, R. Implementation and Validation of an Opportunistic Stock Market Timing Heuristic: One-Day Share Volume Spike as Buy Signal. Expert Systems with Applications 2008, 35(4), 1628-1637.
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