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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

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Scott Baier

Scott L. Baier

Professor and Chair

Office: 312A Wilbur O and Ann Powers College of Business
Phone: (864) 656-4534
Fax: (864) 656-4192


 Educational Background

    1996 Economics
    Michigan State University PhD

    1991 Economics
    Bowling Green State University MA

    1989 Journalism
    Bowling Green State University BA

Courses Taught

  • Advanced International Trade (Ph.D. Course)
  • International Microeconomics (Undergraduate Course)
  • International Economics (Undergraduate Course)
  • Topics in Empirical International Economics (Ph.D. Course)
  • Macroeconomic Theory (Ph.D. Course)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (Undergraduate Course)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (Undergraduate Course)
  • Economic Analytics (Masters Course)
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics (Undergraduate Course)
  • Problems in Macroeconomic Theory (Ph.D. Course)
  • Money and Banking (Undergraduate Course)
  • Economic Growth Theory and Applications (Ph.D. Course)
  • Causes and Consequences of the Financial Crisis (Creative Inquiry)
  • Economic Analysis and Public Policy (Creative Inquiry)


Professor Baier is a Professor in the John E. Walker Department of Economics and is currently serving as Department Chair. From 1996-2000, he served on the faculty in the Department of Finance and Business Economics at the University of Notre Dame. He joined the faculty at Clemson in 2001. From 1999-2012, Professor Baier was a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. From 2007-2008, Baier was a Senior Economists on the Council of Economic Advisers. As a member of the Council of Economic Advisers, he provided economic analyses of current events, pending legislation and, and assisted with the production of the Economic Report of the President. Baier's award-winning research focuses on international trade, and economic growth and development. His project, 'The Causes and Consequences of Regionalization' was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Two of Baier's articles have been recognized with 'best paper' awards in recent years. His recent paper 'How Important are Capital and Total Factor Productivity for Economic Growth?'(joint with fellow Clemson Economics Robert Tamura, and Jerry Dwyer of the Atlanta Fed) won the 2007 Best Article Award in Economic Inquiry. His paper on 'The Growth of World Trade'(with Jeff Bergstrand) won the Bhagwati Award for the best paper in the Journal of International Economics in the years 2001 and 2002.

Research Interests

  • Understanding the causes and consequences of trade liberalization. Understanding the economic determinants of Economic Integration Agreements.

Research Publications

  • "Using Machine Learning to Capture the Heterogeneity in Trade Agreements." with Narendra R. Regmi. Open Economies Review. October 2022.
  • "Putting Canada in the Penalty Box: Trade and welfare effects of eliminating the North American Free Trade Agreement." with Jeffrey H. Bergstrand and John P. Bruno. World Economy Review. vol. 42 issue 12 pp. 3488 - 3514
  • "On the Widely Differing Effects of Trade Agreements: Lessons from Twenty Years of Integration." with Yoto Yotov and Thomas Zylkin. Journal of International Economics. vol. 216, 2019, p. 206-226.
  • "Economic Growth in the Long Run." with Robert Tamura, Gerald Dwyer, and John Devereux. Journal of Development Economics. vol. 137, 2019, p. 1-35 (Lead Article)
  • "Heterogeneous Effects of Economic Integration Agreements." with Jeffrey H. Bergstrand and Matthew Clance. Journal of Development Economics. vol. 135, 2018, p. 507-608.
  • "Gravity, Distance and International Trade." with Amanda Kerr and Yoto Yotov. published in Handbook of International Trade and Transportation. edited Bruce Blonigen and Wesley Wilson p 15-78
  • "Preliminary Examination of Heterogeneous Effects on International Trade of Economic Integration Agreements." with Jeffrey Bergstrand and Matthew Clance. Forthcoming in: Trade Cooperation: The Purpose, Design, and Effect of Preferential Trade Agreements. Cambridge University Press.
  • "Economic Integration Agreements and the Margins of International Trade." with Jeffrey H. Bergstrand and Michael Feng. Journal of International Economics. vol. 93 (20), 2014, p. 39-50.
  • "Economic Determinants of Free Trade Agreements Revisited: Distinguishing Sources of Interdependence," with Jeffrey H. Bergstrand and Ronald Mariutto. Review of International Economics, Vol. 22 (1), February 2014, p 31-58.
  • "Recessions, Growth, and Banking Crises" with Gerald Dwyer, John Devereux, John and Robert Tamura. Journal of International Money and Finance. vol. 38 (C), 2013, p. 18-40.
  • "Banking Crises and Economic Freedom." with Matthew Clance and Gerald Dwyer. Economic Freedoms of the World. The Fraser Institute (2012).
  • "Approximating General Equilibrium Impacts of Trade Liberalizations using the Gravity Equation: Applications to NAFTA and the European Economic Area," with Jeffrey H. Bergstrand in Steven Brakman and Peter van Bergeijk (eds.), The Gravity Model in International Trade: Advances and Applications, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, (2010), p. 88-134.
  • "The Growth of Regional Economic Integration and the Middle East." with Jeffrey H. Bergstrand and Peter Egger. Region et Development, (2009).
  • "Bonus Vetus OLS: A Simple Approach for Addressing the "Border Puzzle" and Other Gravity Equation Issues." with Jeffrey H. Bergstrand. Journal of International Economics, vol. 77 (2009), p. 77-85.
  • "Estimating the Effects of Free Trade Agreements on Trade Flows Using Matching Econometrics." with Jeffrey H. Bergstrand. Forthcoming: Journal of International Economics, vol. 77 (2009), p. 63-76.


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