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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

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Zeki Simsek

Zeki Simsek

Gressette Endowed Chair of Business Strategy and Planning
Senior Associate Editor, Journal of Management

Office: 412F Wilbur O. and Ann Powers Hall


 Educational Background

    University of Connecticut 2002

    University of New Haven 1996

Courses Taught

  • Seminar in Strategic Management: Research Foundations (Ph.D.)
  • Seminar in Strategic Management: Contemporary Topics (Ph.D.)
  • Strategic Management (MBA)


Zeki Simsek is a Professor of Management and Gressette Endowed Chair of Business Strategy and Planning at the College of Business. Prior to this appointment he held the Eversource Scholar of Technological Entrepreneurship and Ackerman Scholar at the University of Connecticut. Simsek's research focuses on strategic leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. His papers regularly appear in the field's premier outlets such as the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of Management, among others. The New England Journal of Entrepreneurship in 2016 recognized Simsek as one of the most influential authors globally in entrepreneurship research in the 21st century as a result of his research output in top-tier management journals from 2000 to 2015. A recent analysis measuring scholarly impact in management education in the Academy of Management Learning and Education put Simsek in the top 1.6 percent out of more than 6,325 authors in the area of strategic management. An award winning teacher, Simsek has taught executives, masters, undergraduates, and Ph.D. students. Through his venture consulting class, he and his students have provided evidenced based solutions to address the pressing problems or nascent opportunities for hundreds of small to medium-sized firms. Simsek is currently the Chair of Management Dept. TPR Committee, and has held numerous departmental, school, and university-level committees and faculty council positions. In part as recognition of these efforts across the spectrum from the school and university to community levels, and in part for his scholarly achievements, Simsek received the Research Excellence, as well as Distinguished Service awards at the University of Connecticut prior to joining Clemson in 2016. In 2019, he was also awarded a lifetime appointment to the Clemson University URSAAA society for significant achievement in research. He also won the College of Business Senior Scholar Research Excellence Award. Simsek currently teaches Strategic Management course in the MBA program, and Ph.D. Seminar in Strategic Management: Research Foundations. He also serves as an associate editor of the Academy of Management Journal, and on the editorial boards of Strategic Management Journal and Academy of Management Discoveries.

Research Interests

  • Strategic Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Research Publications

  • Simsek, Z. Heavey, C. Konig, A., Stam, W. (2023). Leading the Digital Transformation of Incumbent Firms: A Strategic Entrepreneurship Perspective. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. In press. (Introductory piece for the Special Issue).
  • Jansen, J. Heavey, C. Mom, T. Simsek Z., & Zahra, S. 2023. Scaling-up: Building, leading, and sustaining rapid growth over time. Journal of Management Studies. Forthcoming
  • Fox, B. Heavey, C. & Simsek, Z. Team membership dynamics and new venture Innovation. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. Forthcoming
  • Heavey, C., Simsek, Z., Fox, B. C., & Hersel, M. C. (2022). Executive confidence: A multidisciplinary review, synthesis, and agenda for future research. Journal of Management, 48(6), 1430-1468.
  • Simsek, Z., Heavey, C., Fox, B. C., & Yu, T. (2022). Compelling Questions in Research: Seeing What Everybody Has Seen and Thinking What Nobody Has Thought. Journal of Management, 48(6), 1347-136
  • Simsek, Z., Fox, B., & Heavey, C. (2021). Systematicity in organizational research literature reviews: A framework and assessment. Organizational Research Methods, 10944281211008652.
  • Simsek, Z., Li, N., & Huang, J. L. (2022). Turbocharging practical implications in management studies. Journal of Management, 48(5), 1083-1102
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  • Heavey, C., Simsek, Z., Kyprianou, C. & Risius, M. 2020. How Do Strategic Leaders Engage with Social Media? A Theoretical Framework for Research and Practice. Strategic Management Journal, Forthcoming.
  • Simsek, Z., Vaara, Paruchuri, S., Nadkarni, S. & Shaw, J.D. (2019). New Ways of Seeing Big Data. Academy of Management Journal. 62: 971-978.
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  • Simsek, Z., Fox, B., & Heavey, C. 2014. "What's Past is Prologue": A framework, review, and future directions for organizational research on imprinting. Journal of Management, 41(1): 288 - 31 (Date Accepted: July 26, 2014).
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