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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

Profile Information

Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace

Department Head & Professor

Office: 418B Wilbur O. & Ann Powers Hall
Phone: 864-656-9963


 Educational Background

    Georgia Institute of Technology 2004

    University of West Florida 2001

    University of Tennessee 1998

Courses Taught

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Research Methods
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Motivation


Craig is currently the Head of the Management Department in the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business at Clemson University. He was previously the Head of Management in the Daniels College of Business at the University Denver. Prior, he held the Spears Chair of Business and was the Executive & Research Director of the first Executive PhD program in Business at Oklahoma State University. With over a decade of administrative responsibility, Craig has built several highly impactful programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, including assisting in raising over 40M dollars. His PhD is from Georgia Tech and is a graduate of Wharton's Advanced Management Program. He has published over 70 articles, given hundreds of talks, been a featured guest on Sirius/XM Business Radio, wrote a column for PsychToday, and even won a few major awards along the way. He is a Fellow in the Society for I/O Psychology—the world's most prestigious group of organizational psychologists. He is a former associate editor for Journal of Management and has sat on the boards of many other premier journals (e.g., Personnel Psychology). Craig is also a sought-after consultant and speaker with experience helping Fortune 1 to Mom-and-Pop firms smash through ‘people barriers’ to realize significant increases in business outcomes. He has worked with firms such as Starbucks, Wal-Mart, UPS, Wynn Entertainment, Shell Oil, ONEOK, and Anschutz Entertainment Group. Through his work, Craig aims to create organizations where employees thrive and business booms.

Research Interests

  • Work Performance
  • Motivation
  • High Involvement Leadership
  • Personality
  • People Analytics
  • Emotions at Work
  • Self-Regulation

Research Publications

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