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Faculty and Staff Profile

William Dougan

Alumni Distinguished Professor

Office: 318B Wilbur O. and Ann Powers Hall
Phone: 656-4533

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Economics
University of Chicago 1981

M.A. Economics
University of Chicago 1976

B.A. Economics
University of Virginia 1971

 Courses Taught

Honors Intermediate Microeconomics (undergraduate)
Public Sector Economics (undergraduate)
Microeconomic Theory I (graduate)
Public Finance (graduate)

 Research Interests

Price theory, taxation, government regulation

 Research Publications

"Efficiency in the Provision of Pure Public Goods by Private Citizens," Public Choice 156 (July 2013): 31-43. (with C.M. Lindsay)

"Coase, Hayek, Pigou and Walras: Taxes vs Permit Auctions in Environmental Policy." Man and the Economy 1 (December 2014): 159-70 (with Charles J. Thomas).