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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

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Gerald Dwyer

Gerald P Dwyer

Professor and BB&T Scholar

Office: 312K Wilbur O and Ann Powers Hall
Phone: 864-656-3481
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

    Ph.D. Economics
    University of Chicago 1979

    M.A. Economics
    University of Tennessee 1973

    B.B.A Business, Government and Society
    University of Washington 1969

Courses Taught

  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains, Undergraduate and graduate
  • Time Series Econometrics, Ph.D.
  • Monetary Economics, Ph.D.


Gerald P. Dwyer is a Professor and BB&T Scholar at Clemson University. He also is a Senior Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research, an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute and a Research Associate at the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis at Australian National University. He was Director of the Center for Financial Innovation and Stability and Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta from 1997 to 2012 and a Professor of Economics at Clemson from 1989 to 1999. Dr. Dwyer's research has appeared in leading economics and finance journals, publications by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and St. Louis, and books. He serves as Co-Editor of Finance Research Letters and on the editorial board of the Journal of Financial Stability. He is a past President and member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Private Enterprise Education. He also was a founding member of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, an organization which he served as President and as Treasurer and which honored him by creating the Gerald P. Dwyer Prize in Financial Econometrics.

Research Interests

  • Dr. Dwyer's recent research focuses on the ongoing development of cryptocurrencies and the associated major innovation: the blockchain. He also has ongoing research on the recent financial crisis and banking.

Research Publications

  • “Macroprudential Regulation of Banks and Financial Institutions.” In The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Central Banking, edited by Pierre Siklos. Oxford University Press, 2019.
  • “Economic Growth in the Long Run,” (with Robert Tamura, John Devereux and Scott Baier). Journal of Development Economics, 137 (March 2019), 1-35.
  • “The G20's Regulatory Agenda and Banks’ Risk,” (with Matias Cabrera and Maria J. Nieto). Journal of Financial Stability, 39 (December 2018), 66-78 .
  • "What Determines Output Losses after Banking Crises?"(with John Devereux), Journal of International Money and Finance, 69 (December 2016), 69-94.
  • "Government Finances and Bank Bailouts: Evidence from European Stock Markets." (with Mati­as Cabrera and Margarita Samarti­n). Journal of Empirical Finance, 39 (December 2016), 169-79.
  • "The Impact of Public and Semi-public Information on the Cotton Futures Market." 2016. (with Ran Xie, O. Isengildina-Mass and J. L. Sharp, Applied Economics, 2016, online at
  • "Milton Friedman: A Bayesian?" In Milton Friedman: Contributions to Economics and Public Policy, edited by Robert A. Cord and J. Daniel Hammond, pp. 575-84. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.
  • "The Economics of Bitcoin and Similar Private Digital Currencies", Journal of Financial Stability, 17 (April 2015), 81-91.
  • "Expected Returns to Stock Investments by Angel Investors in Groups" (with Ramon DeGennaro), European Financial Management, 20 (4, 2014), 739-55.
  • "Recessions, Growth and Banking Crises" (with John Devereux, Scott Baier and Robert Tamura), Journal of International Money and Finance, 38 (November 2013), 18-40.
  • "Counterparty Risk and Liquidity in Collateralized Debt Obligations" (with Mardi Dungey and Thomas Flavin), Open Economies Review, 24 (February 2013), 5-32.
  • "Returns to Investors in Stock in New Industries" (with Cora Barnhart), Economic Inquiry, 50 (October 2012), 1031-49.
  • "Bank Relationships and Firms' Financial Performance: The Italian Experience" (with Annalisa Castelli and Iftekhar Hasan), European Financial Management 18 (January 2012), 28-67.
  • "Financial Innovation and the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008" (La innovación financiera y la crisis financiera de 2007-2008 ), Papeles de Economia Española, No. 130 (2012), in Spanish.
  • "International and Historical Dimensions of the Financial Crisis of 2007 and 2008" (with James R. Lothian), Journal of International Money and Finance, 31 (January 2012), 1-9.
  • "Banking Crises and Economic Freedom" (with Scott L. Baier and Matthew Clance.) In Economic Freedom of the World: 2012 Annual Report, edited by James Gwartney, Robert Lawson and Joshua Hall. Vancouver, B.C.: Fraser Institute, 2012.
  • "The Financial Crisis of 2008 and Subprime Securities" (with Paula Tkac). In Financial Contagion: The Viral Threat to the Wealth of Nations, edited by Robert W. Kolb, pp. 229-36. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2010.
  • "The Financial Crisis of 2008 in Fixed-income Markets" (with Paula Tkac), Journal of International Money and Finance 28 (December 2009), 1293-1316.
  • "Interest on Reserves and the Fed's Balance Sheet" Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 6 (December 2009), 15-24.
  • "Inflation and Monetary Regimes" (with Mark Fisher), Journal of International Money and Finance 28 (November 2009), 1221-41.
  • "Why Do Banks Promise to Pay Par On Demand?" (with Margarita Samarti­n), Journal of Financial Stability 5 (June 2009), 147-69.


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