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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

Profile Information

Jorge Luis Garci­a

Assistant Professor
Powers Emerging Fellow

Office: 309-C Wilbur O. and Ann Powers Hall
Phone: 864-650-6201
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

  • Ph.D.
    The University of Chicago 2018
  • M.A.
    The University of Chicago 2012
  • B.A.
    CIDE 2010

Courses Taught

  • Economics 411-611: Econ of Education (undergraduate and MA)
  • Economics 900-02: First-Year Econometrics for Econ PhD Part 1
  • Economics 900-03: First-Year Econometrics for Econ PhD Part 2


I am a labor and development economist who studies fertility, human capital, and female labor force participation. I explore how these choices' market and policy environments cause socio-economic inequality, especially for women in developing countries and poor women in the US. In developing countries, female disadvantage originates early in life and persists throughout the life-cycle. Parents often selectively abort to have boys instead of girls; they invest more in sons than daughters. Women are often expected to have children in early adulthood and devote their lives to raising them; their families usually prefer them not to work. I study the economic fundamentals that cause fertility and employment policies to perpetuate female life-cycle disadvantage in developing countries. Female disadvantage also originates early in the life cycle in the US. In poor households, fathers are more likely to stay in a family when they have sons than when they have daughters. The high rate of single motherhood among the poor restricts child investment. I explore how early education mitigates the inequality generated by this resource-scarcity. My research combines administrative, archival, experimental, and survey data and employs modern microeconometric methods to identify causal effects; it uses economic models to understand the fundamentals driving causal effects.

Research Interests

  • Labor
  • Development

Research Publications

  • Early Childhood Education and Life-cycle Health (with James J. Heckman) 2020. Health Economics.
  • Quantifying the Life-cycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program (with James J. Heckman, Duncan Ermini Leaf, María José Prados) 2020. Journal of Political Economy 128:7.
  • Early Childhood Education and Crime (with James J. Heckman and Anna L. Ziff) 2019. Infant Mental Health Journal 40:1.
  • Gender Differences in the Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program (with James J. Heckman and Anna L. Ziff)2018. European Economic Review 109.
  • The Price of Fringe Benefits when Formal and Informal Labor Markets Coexist (with David Argente) 2015. IZA Journal of Labor Economics 3:14.
  • Why Do Formal Credit, Informal Credit, and both Types of Credits Coexist as Consumer Choices? (with Víctor Carreón and Sonia Di Giannatale) 2015. Economics Bulletin 35:1.


Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business
Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business | 343 Chandler L. Burns Hall, Clemson, S.C., 29634