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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

Profile Information

Larry Carter

Larry Lee Carter

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: 324E Powers Hall
Phone: (864) 656-2290


 Educational Background

    Ph.D. Business Administration
    Old Dominion University 2009

    M.S. Business Administration
    Virginia Tech 2002

    B.S. Marketing Management
    Virginia Tech 1997

Courses Taught

  • Marketing Research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Professional Selling


Prior to joining the Marketing Department at Clemson University in 2023, I have served in various teaching and research roles at other universities, and was most recently the founding director of a neuromarketing lab at my former institution. The majority of my previous work experience has been in the areas of marketing, sales, and management. I have also created two businesses of my own, and frequently engage in business consulting with various organizations. I enthusiastically bring these experiences into my classroom to provide the students with an interesting and engaging learning environment.

Research Interests

  • Multi-cultural comparisons of consumer behavior
  • Brand tribalism and brand communities
  • Cross-border strategic alliances
  • Social media marketing strategies

Research Publications

  • Hanson, Cynthia B. and Larry L. Carter (2021), “Social Media Message Strategy: A Content Analysis of Sponsored Posts and Promoted Tweets,” Global Journal of Marketing and Management, 5(1), 57-85.
  • Carter, Larry L. (2020), “The Effects of Country-of-Origin Image, Consumer Ethnocentrism, and Animosity upon Foreign Product Purchases,” Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 14(2), 9-23.
  • Carter, Larry L. (2019), “Equivalence and Research Design Optimization for International Market Segmentation,” Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 13(3), 10-24.
  • Sierra, Jeremy, Harry Taute, Larry Carter, and Amro Maher (2017), “A Sequential Process of Brand Tribalism, Brand Pride, and Brand Attitude to Explain Purchase Intention: A Cross-Continent Replication Study,” Journal of Product and Brand Management, 26(3), 239-250.
  • Xu, Hui, Harry Taute, Paul Dishman, and Larry Carter (2016), “Managers’ Perceived Risk, Experiential Knowledge, Marketing Capability and International Performance: A Study of Chinese International Enterprises,” Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 10(1), 53-65.
  • Carter, Larry L. and Amro Maher (2015) “Consumer Perceptions of Foreign Goods: Modeling the Path from Evaluation to Purchase,” Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 9(1), 32-49.
  • Russell, Eric J., Jonathan H. Westover, Colleen Bye, Anne Arendt, and Larry L. Carter (2014) “Guiding Principles for Conducting Service-Learning Projects,” Turkish Journal of Teacher Education, 3(2), 36-43.
  • Carter, Larry L. and Amro Maher (2014) “Assessing Consumers’ Willingness to Buy Foreign Goods; An Integrative Modeling Approach,” International Journal of Marketing Studies, 6(3), 23-34.
  • Carter, Larry L. (2014), “An Analysis of Country-Related Determinants Influencing Consumer Receptivity of Foreign Products,” International Business Research, 7(6), 192-200.
  • Maher, Amro and Larry L. Carter (2011), “The Affective and Cognitive Dimensions of Country Image: Perceptions of American Products in Kuwait,” International Marketing Review, 28(6), 559-580.
  • Singhapakdi, Anusorn, Mahesh Gopinath, Janet K. M. Marta, and Larry L. Carter (2008), “Antecedents and Consequences of Perceived Importance of Ethics: A Study of Thai Businesspeople,” Journal of Business Ethics, 81(4), 887-904.
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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business
Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business | 343 Chandler L. Burns Hall, Clemson, S.C. 29634