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Faculty and Staff Profile

Michael Giebelhausen

Associate Professor of Marketing

Office: Sirrine 273
Phone: See syllabus

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Marketing
Florida State University 2009

Loyola University - Chicago 2003

BS. Econ / Marketing
University of Illinois 1998

 Courses Taught

MKT 4310 - Marketing Research

 Research Interests

Frontline Service Encounters
Frontline Service Technology
Sustainability in Service Settings
Motivated Reasoning

 Research Publications

Wilson, Andrew, Michael Giebelhausen and Michael Brady (2017), "Negative Word of Mouth Can be a Positive for Consumers Connected to the Brand," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 45(4), 534-547.

Robinson, Stacey G., Michael K. Brady, Katherine N. Lemon and Michael Giebelhausen (2016), "Less of this one? I'll take it: New insights on the influence of shelf-based scarcity," International Journal of Research in Marketing, 34(4), 961-965.

Giebelhausen, Michael, HaeEun Helen Chun, J. Joseph Cronin and Tomas Hult (2016), "Adjusting the Warm Glow Thermostat: How Incentivizing Participation in Voluntary Green Programs Moderates Their Impact on Service Satisfaction," Journal of Marketing, 80(4), 56-71.

Giebelhausen, Michael, Stacey G. Robinson, Nancy Sirianni and Michael Brady (2014), "Touch vs. Tech: When Technology Functions as a Barrier or a Benefit to Service Encounters, Journal of Marketing, 78(4), 113-124.*

Robinson, Stacy G., Michael Giebelhausen and June Cote (2013), "Shopping, Gambling or Shambling? Penny Auctions," Journal Business Research, 66(9), 1612-1616.

Chun, HaeEun Helen and Michal Giebelhausen (2012) "Reversing the green backlash in services: credible competitors help large companies to go green," Journal of Service Management, 23(3), 400-415.

Giebelhausen, Michael and Tom Novack (2012), "Web advertising: Sexual content on eBay," Journal of Business Research, 65(6), 840-842.

Giebelhausen, Michael, Stacy G., Robinson and J. Joseph Cronin (2011), "Worth Waiting for: Increasing Satisfaction by Making Consumers Wait," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 39(6), 889-905.