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Academic Forms for Current Students

While enrolled at Clemson University, there are various forms students may need to access and fill out. Some of the most commonly used forms, Academic Forgiveness, Approval of Credits from other Institutions and the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), are listed below. Should you need additional information, please contact your advisor.

Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness is a policy allowing students to improve their GPA by removing a D or F. Although academic forgiveness can improve a student's GPA, it does reduce their earned credit hours, so students must speak with the Office of Student Financial Aid to see how academic forgiveness may affect scholarship eligibility. The Academic Forgiveness form requires the signature of the student's advisor.

Forgiveness Information & Form

Approval of Credits to be Earned at Another School

Clemson students who plan to take classes at another school should get approval in advance for each subject taken. The transcript from the other school must be received before the credit earned can be awarded. The form requires the signature of the student's advisor or the chair of the major department. Information can be found on the Registrar's Transfer Credits page. All policies concerning credits taken at other domestic institutions can be found on the Approval of Credits to Be Earned at Another School form.

View Approval Form

Closed Course Request

If you cannot register for a closed course, you can add yourself to the waitlist if space is available. The Request a Seat in a Closed Course form is the University's official way for you to request a seat in a course that is at full capacity.

View Closed Course Information

Course Substitution Forms

It is sometimes necessary to substitute one course for another to meet graduation requirements. See more information on Course Substitutions in the "Academic Regulations" section of the Undergraduate Catalog. This is a request for a change to the curriculum requirements for an individual student, and approval is not guaranteed. You will be notified via email once your request is approved or denied.

View Course Substitution Information


CU Navigate is a student-centered mobile app that provides students with the support that they need, where they need it—on their phones. Through its individualized, student-centered, on-demand information for students, CU Navigate empowers students with the information that will keep them on a path toward graduation, including up-to-date information on key dates, easy access to campus resources (both academic and student life) and the ability to schedule advising appointments directly.

Access CUNavigate

Graduation Information

All candidates apply for graduation in iROAR > Student Self-Service > Student Records

View Graduation Information


iROAR Student System is where students add and drop classes, plan schedules, check grades, view registration holds and apply for graduation.

Access iROAR
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