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Department of Performing Arts

Audio Technology

Performing Arts - Audio Technology

The Bachelor of Arts in performing arts – audio technology degree allows you to create your own future in the performing arts. Our innovative audio technology concentration includes a broad training program that equips students to enter into various career paths in the field. Some of the specializations addressed include music recording and production, sound reinforcement for live concerts and events, sound design for theatrical productions and musicals and audio for video, film and games. 

Audio technology students collaborate with music and theatre students and get hands-on experience in our professional roadhouse, the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, our on-site learning laboratory. Students also participate in masterclasses, develop connections with professional artists and work alongside dynamic faculty who are leaders in their field.  Most importantly, our students are prepared for today’s highly competitive job market after graduation.


We’re excited that you’ve decided to audition to study audio technology at Clemson University! Our Bachelor of Arts degree is a versatile program that can be uniquely tailored to your strengths and interests to prepare you for many different careers in the field. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the director of audio technology, Dr. Bruce Whisler, at

  • Resumé, Headshot and Letters of Recommendation
    All students auditioning for the audio technology concentration are required to bring a resumé, two letters of recommendation and a headshot to their audition. The resumé should include any experience and/or skills demonstrating previous music technology experience and musical skill. The letters of recommendation should speak to the student's ability to succeed in the performing arts program and may be written by a teacher, principal, music teacher, director, etc.
  • Interview

    Students should be prepared to answer the following questions:

    • What attracted you to this degree program? 
    • What are your career aspirations? 
    • What are your experiences and background in the arts? 
    • What other (non-arts) activities were you involved with in your school and/or community during your high school career? 
    Understanding that this degree requires collaborative teamwork with students of varying performing arts backgrounds: 
    • How do you see yourself fitting into this curriculum? 
    • What previous experiences have you had in collaboration?
  • Music Technology Experience 
    • MIDI or audio on home computers 
    • Audio work at school, community and/or church venues 
    • Please submit samples of recording work you may have done
  • Musical Skills 
    • Performance – demonstration of proficiency on an instrument is encouraged, but not mandatory. 
    • Music Reading – ability to read music at a minimum basic level is helpful, but not required.
    • Song Writing – a sample of a song the student may have written may be included either as a sample of recorded work or performance demonstration.


Using the Brooks Theatre as your laboratory, you’ll learn about recording techniques, live sound reinforcement and music technology. Coursework within the audio technology curriculum includes projects in MIDI sequencing, digital audio recording, mixing and effects processing and music notation. Courses in acoustics, music technology, live sound reinforcement, and two advanced Audio Technology classes enhance the curriculum. You’ll gain professional experience as you record concerts and run sound for events and shows. In your senior year, you’ll complete a capstone project to showcase your knowledge.

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Alumni Spotlight

Erin Parisi

Upon graduating in 2013, Erin moved to Los Angeles to work as the lead AV Technician at PSAV. She now works as the Production Manager for Mixify in West Hollywood. Mixify is a live music production service responsible for streaming electronic music performances live from Mixify studios directly to venues and clubs worldwide. As the Production Manager, Erin runs the AV for all Mixify events and handles production preparation and event execution remotely with venues. Her other responsibilities include studio design and maintenance, clubcast testing, identifying technical needs for development and event logistics.

Alumni Spotlight

Ryan Youmans

Ryan Youmans '14 is a performing arts alumnus with an emphasis in audio engineering. He is a music producer and front-of-house engineer, currently touring with Americana artist, Luke Grimes. Ryan resides in Nashville, TN where he built The Amber Sound, a recording studio that is the home base for his productions. With his primary focus on country and Americana music, Ryan produces and mixes records for both independent and label artists.

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