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Performing Arts

All-Steinway School

All-Steinway Excellence

In the realm of music, the piano holds a unique position, going beyond being just one instrument among many. It serves at the center of a music program. There are few activities within a music program that can happen without a piano. Therefore, an exceptional music program must be built on an outstanding piano program. Clemson is dedicated to becoming a nationally recognized comprehensive university, excelling in all fields of learning, scholarships and research. There can be no great university without a great arts program. As part of this vision, Clemson University has attained the esteemed "All-Steinway School" designation. This designation demands that a minimum of 90 percent of an institution's pianos be made by the renowned Steinway firm.

Student Christian Walker plays on a Steinway Piano on the Brooks Center Stage

Investing in Artistry

This investment in Steinway pianos is meaningful not just for the music program but makes a statement about Clemson itself. The piano is fundamental to a number of musical activities, from accompanying other solo instrumentalists and vocalists to choirs, as well as acting as a stand-in for orchestras in musical theatre and large-scale choral works. By investing in these pianos, Clemson University can aspire to greater heights and strive for a higher profile in the world of music.

Understanding the profound impat of a piano investment, Clemson University can reshape its musical identity, aspriring to a new level of prominence in music. By embracing this vision and supporting a top-quality piano program, Clemson can nurture a thriving musical community and continue to make its mark on the world of music education.

This impact also extends far beyond the realm of performing arts, affecting the entire campus community. While access to these pianos holds tremendous impaortance for those involved in musical education, their reach extendes to every student and faculty member at Clemson. This investment is a testament to the University's commitment to becoming a comprehensive institution, acknowledging that music is cross-curricular and holds a central place in the lives of many individuals, regardless of their field of study or career.

Kaye and Bob Stanzione

Steinway pianos do not just represent a 150-year tradition of exceptional quality; they embody the very definition of excellence. They have become synonymous with unparralleled performance and superior sound and stand as a symbol of old-world craftsmanship and artistry. Clemson University has recently welcomed the addition of new Steinway pianos through an extraordinary gift from Kaye and Bob Stanzione '69. This gift has positioned Clemson to join an elite sector of universities that are both an R1 institution and All-Steinway School. In particular, the addition of Steinway Spirio pianos brings together technology, arts and research at the highest level. These new pianos not only elevate the quality of music education but also inspire creativity and foster an environment where the pursuit of musical mastery knows no bounds.

Join the Stanziones in supporting Clemson's Department of Performing Arts.