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Clemson Parking and Transportation Services

Departmental Guest Permits

departmental guest tickets

Departments may purchase daily Departmental Guest Permits for $7.00 per day for guests. Departmental Guest permits are valid at metered spaces and unrestricted employee and student spaces. To purchase permits, departments must complete the online departmental guest permit request form and be ready to provide a chartfield string.

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Departmental Space Reservations

If a department would like to provide a reserved parking space for their guests, arrangements can be made with Parking and Transportation Services for $5 per space per day using the online Departmental Space Reservation Form. A guest must display a Departmental Guest Permit (purchased separately) provided by the department once parked.

A member of Parking and Transportation Services will reserve a space at the requested location using our "Event Parking" barricades in preparation for the guests arrival. A representative from the requesting department should be present when the guest arrives to move the barricade.

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