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Parking and Transportation Services

Parking and Permits

Parking and Transportation Services handles registration for all vehicles parked on campus and manages the University’s parking policies and regulations. All parking regulations, including meters, are in effect, and all vehicles parked on campus are required to purchase a parking permit. 

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While parking and permit options vary slightly, the following rules will be enforced campuswide: 

    • All permits must be unobstructed and easily visible from the exterior of the vehicle. 
    • All faculty, staff, students, vendors, contractors and visitors must have a permit to park on campus at any time. The only exception is visitors who park in metered spaces - a permit is not required for visitors parking and paying for a metered space. 
    • Parking permits are in the form of virtual permits, decals, hang tags and placards depending on their classification. 
    • All rules and regulations are in effect during Spring, Fall, and summer break and holidays. 
    • All permits must be verified and linked to your vehicle’s license plate number, make, model, color and year. 

Clemson University Park and Transportation Services offer a variety of parking locations and shuttle information maps. Employees and students are encouraged to explore all available transportation and parking options. 

Long description of Parking Basics table in paragraph below

Any permit holder can park in the Employee spaces from 7:30pm to 7am during the week and from 4:30pm on Friday to 7am Monday morning.

Any permit holder can park in the Visitor spaces from 9pm to 7am any day of the week.

During all other times permit holders can only park in the designated sparking spaces for their permit.

Chart is not valid on home football game days, select special events or for Park-N-Ride permits while Park-N-Ride service is operating.

Parking permit required to park on campus. Not all parking locations and regulations represented.