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Faculty Search Training

Dear Faculty Search Committee Member:

The CBSHS Community and Diversity Committee developed this CBSHS Faculty Search Committee rich media training. In accordance with the University Community and Diversity Committee statement and CBSHS’s White Paper, the CBSHS Diversity Committee wishes to support our College’s efforts in recruiting the best faculty to support our mission of “preparing skilled professionals and creative leaders". We believe the best faculty is also a diverse faculty that offers our students the educational experiences congruent with our Guiding Principles and Learner Dispositions. This training, particularly its online format, is the CBSHS Diversity Committee’s effort to reach each CBSHS unit and challenge its faculty search process. Upon completing this training, each search committee member will:

  • Understand how “inclusive” faculty searches are critical in integrating and executing the CBSHS’s Guiding Principles, Learner Dispositions and Division of Student Affairs’ Learning Outcomes of preparing skilled professionals;
  • Become more knowledgeable in creating “inclusive” faculty search procedures and environment; and
  • Challenge search committee members’ perceptions and biases about “diversification” of faculty.

The rich media training is divided into two main sections:

  1. training modules and;
  2. supplemental materials. The training modules, each accessible through a separate link, are:
Dean Larry AllenIntroduction
Larry Allen, Former Dean, College of CBSHS
(Length: 1 minute 57 seconds)
Jerry KnightonDefining Affirmative Action and Diversity
Jerry Knighton, Research and Planning Administrator
Office of Access & Equity
(Length: 8 minutes 43 seconds)
Jerry KnightonEducational Benefits of Diversity at Clemson University
Jerry Knighton, Research & Planning Administrator
Office of Access & Equity
(Length: 8 minutes 33 seconds)
Cheryl WarnerMyths & Realities of Faculty Searches
Cheryl Warner, Assistant Professor, Leadership, Counselor Education, & Human and Organizational Development
(Length: 9 minutes 21 seconds)
Altheia RichardsonCreating a Culturally Inclusive Environment of Recruitment and Retention
Altheia Richardson, Assistant Vice President
Student Affairs and Executive Director of the Gantt Intercultural Center
(Length: 10 minutes 17 seconds)
Will MayoStrategies of Effective and Successful Searches
Will Mayo, Community Health Improvement Coordinator
Joseph F. Sullivan Center
(Length: 6 minutes 39 seconds)

The supplemental materials include:

  1. Questions for Search Committees
  2. References List
  3. Training Evaluation Form

Please provide feedback on the training by completing the attached Training Evaluation form. Upon completing the evaluation, please submit it by clicking on the “Send an email” button located at the top or bottom of your screen. Your completed evaluation will be sent directly to Bobbi Curry, rcurry@clemson.ed, who is assisting the committee on this project. Your responses are confidential and will be reported in aggregate. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for the training in interoffice mail. Please note, this training counts as Professional Development activity and can be added to the Professional Development section of the Faculty Activity System (FAS).

We appreciate your time in serving as a search committee member. We hope this training will be helpful to you in your role.

Kip Kingree, Chair
CBSHS Community and Diversity Committee