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J. Daniel and Nancy Garrison Sales Innovation Program

Ascent Track

Ascent Track Description

Over the span of one semester, the SIP Ascent Track equips Clemson students for success in SIP through outside-the-classroom professional development activities and assignments. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the SIP Ascent Track will be:

  1. An active SIP membership status
  2. Eligible to enroll in the courses offered in SIP (see below)
  3. Invited to SIP engagement events exclusive to SIP member students only

We encourage all interested students to apply as soon as possible because SIP membership is required to register for any SIP courses and complete any sales certificate.

Requirements for Completing the Ascent Track:

Ascent Track ONLY Events:

  • Ascent Orientation
  • Ascent Networking Etiquette Event
  • Ascent Resume and LinkedIn Workshop

SIP Events:

  • Networking Night
  • SIP Awards Night
  • Attend at least 2 sales club meetings

Mentorship: Meet twice with SIP mentor


  • Resume update which meets Ascent criteria
  • Create and complete LinkedIn Profile that meets Ascent criteria
  • Headshot photo
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Professional Development

The Ascent track gives students the opportunity to take part in professional development opportunities, such as resume workshops and networking nights.

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Industry Partners

During their time in the Ascent track, students will be able to meet and network with representatives from our industry partners. Access to representatives from our industry partners allows our students to learn more about sales careers and internship and job opportunities.

Industry Partners
Group photo
Jack Harris

“Coming in as a freshman I knew that Clemson had an up-and-coming sales program. My intention was to join spring of my sophomore year. But in speaking to older students in SIP, it became clear to me that it would be a great opportunity to get involved earlier. Little could I have known the growth I would have found in just four months. Through my time in Ascent and on the Sales Competition Team, I have seen my confidence, adaptability and public speaking skills grow tremendously and help me in all areas of my studies and extracurriculars. I have learned from other students in my shoes, older students who are where I want to be and industry professionals who possess the skills and knowledge I hope to have one day. Every day I find myself comparing lessons back to what I have learned through Ascent, and I know I’ll only continue to find more instances.”

Jack Harris
Freshman Marketing Major
Sara LaGuardia

“In the past, students must have completed our Professional Selling course in order to apply for membership within the Sales Innovation Program. Now, the Ascent Program works to acclimate students of all majors and academic years to a career in sales, despite whether or not they have completed Professional Selling. Thus, Ascent is designed to give selected students the guidance necessary before becoming full-time Sales Innovation Program members the following semester. This guidance involves various different developmental experiences, including being paired with a mentor from the Sales Innovation Program based on similar professional interests and participating in workshops such as networking etiquette and LinkedIn and resume branding. In general, the Ascent Program is the “stepping stone” into our sales program and advanced coursework, and students must apply and receive acceptance as well as participate in these developmental experiences to become eligible for Sales Innovation Program membership the following semester.”

Sara LaGuardia
Junior Marketing & Supply Chain Management
J. Daniel and Nancy Garrison Sales Innovation Program
J. Daniel and Nancy Garrison Sales Innovation Program | Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, 225 Walter T. Cox Blvd., Clemson, SC 29634