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About the Sales Innovation Program

The Sales Innovation Program (SIP) was founded in 2019 as a flagship program within the College of Business through an Academic Cornerstone donation by Dan and Nancy Garrison. The program focuses on being a nationally renowned resource for sales research, sales education and valuable academic partnerships.

Our Mission

Empower others to inspire their audiences into action.

Our Values

The SIP is guided by the virtues embodied in the Clemson Family:

Leadership - Help others achieve collective goals.
Excellence - Exceed expectations and continuously improve.
Accountability - Demonstrate trust and integrity in your actions.
Fun - Enjoy your passion alongside others.

Our Values act as guiding principles for how all members of the SIP carry out our mission and serve our community.

Our Vision

Since the inception of the SIP, our vision is to be laser-focused on three core competencies related to sales education at Clemson University:

    1. Innovative Research - Deliver business insight for industry leaders and research community via innovative and practical research.
    2. Continuous Learning - Provide world-class sales education and training geared towards Clemson students and our partners.
    3. Valued Partnerships - Provide valued engagement programs to build educational and research connections between industry, students and faculty.

SIP Strategy circle graph