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J. Daniel and Nancy Garrison Sales Innovation Program

Why recruit from SIP?

We love helping our SIP students land their first job at amazing companies. But without a relationship with sales leaders, it can often be tough for students to be sure about the right opportunity for them.

By partnering with the Sales Innovation Program, you gain exclusive access to SIP students, giving you the opportunity to build a mutual understanding of your firm's values, industry, and work-life. Our engagements have proven to be critical for hiring leaders to identify SIP students who can make an instant impact in their organization.

We take pride in building tomorrow's sales leaders, who will help their teams and organizations reach their sales goals faster and more efficiently.

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Retain Your Talent

Firms partnering with sales programs experience 40% higher retention rates with new graduates.

Make Your Number Faster

Average ramp-up times of 8-9 months make revenue growth and forecasting difficult. Sales program graduates speed up growth by ramping up 50% faster than non-sales program peers.

students holding awards
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Image Description Avoid the costs of a bad hire. Wasted training costs: $180,000 Average training cost per hire, Damaged Reputation: 22% Revenue loss due to salesperson transitions, Replacement Time: 6 months average to fill an open sales position.
Bree Madigan

“The sales role plays that the students participate in are real-life experiences that they would see as a representative. When you are meeting with a customer for the first time, you are building credibility, asking questions to uncover the unknown, providing solutions that align with the customer’s needs and ultimately closing them on an actionable item. By preparing for these role plays, students are setting themselves up to be successful in a sales role after graduation!”

Bree Madigan
Associate Manager
Exact Sciences
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Are you interested in partnering with our program? If so, please contact us now! We would love to chat about how SIP's and your organization’s goals could best align.

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J. Daniel and Nancy Garrison Sales Innovation Program
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