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Advanced Print Lab
Sonoco Institute

Advanced Print Lab

Advanced Print Lab

The Advanced Print Lab allows for more in-depth plate production and a wider variety of colors and measurements for printing.

Photo of OMET VaryFlex 530

OMET VaryFlex 530
A shaft-less, gearless servo-driven press that is capable of printing 7 colors using UV, water-based or solvent inks, with a maximum web width of 20.5 inches. The suitable thicknesses of material for the press are from 12 microns to 24 pt. More info.

Photo of Esko CDI Crystal

Esko CDI Crystal
The Esko CDI Crystal connects seamlessly with the XPS Crystal and produces digital plates for flexo print applications. Benefits include improved ergonomics to help operators work faster, further plate room automation and laser imaging technology with high-resolution optics. More info.

Photo of Esko XPS Crystal

Esko XPS Crystal
The XPS Crystal optimally combines UV main and back exposure to produce highly consistent digital flexo plates. Unlike UV frames using lightbulbs that fluctuate in output, the XPS Crystal uses UV LEDs which don't need warm-up time and always emit consistent radiation. More info.

Photo of Mekrom Evo3 Solvent Plate Processor

Mekrom Evo3 Solvent Plate Processor
The Sonoco Institute can now process solvent plates from any plate manufacturer. With solvent wash plates, we can now hold very high resolutions and fine details on the plate surface. We currently keep the following plates on hand for trials: Asahi TOP, MacDermid Rave, DuPont DPR. DSP. DPL, and Flint ACE in .067" thickness. More info.

Photo of Camis FTS Series Mounter

Heaford FTS Series Mounter
Fitted with a highly accurate camera rail system below the table, the FTS series mounter from Heaford mounts plates quickly and accurately. Designed for the narrow web market, its simple semi-automatic operation makes the mounter easy to learn and train. The FTS series is customizable to a 35.5” web width and a 34.5” repeat length. The FTS series can accommodate multiple press sizes on the same mounter. More info.

Photo of Color Measurement Devices

Color Measurement Devices
A broad range of colorimetric devices, including the X-Rite eXact, Techkon SpectroDens, and X-Rite i1iO Table. These are some of the most versatile and accurate color measurement instruments available today.

Photo of Microdynamics-3DQC RollScope

Microdynamics-3DQC RollScope
The MD-3DQC RollScope is designed for the package printing industry. It provides cell volume measurement critical to achieving accurate color results and eliminating costs. The MD-3DQC can be used for anilox, gravure, flexo-plate, etched gravure and laser gravure. More info.

Photo of SPOTON!

SpotOn! Flexo is new leading-edge technology that makes it possible to get optimum color reproduction and density information for any spot color right at your fingertips. SpotOn! Flexo utilizes Predictive Analysis to determine the best ink density for optimum color reproduction. More info.

Photo of Testing Devices

Testing Devices
Equipment ranging from the Clemson-themed Perfect Proofer, Sutherland 2000 Rub Tester, FlexiProof 100, Brookfield Viscometers, FP-2250 Friction/Peel Tester, and Harper Phantom QD Proofer offers accuracy and precision in measuring samples and research.

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