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Esko Packaging Supply Chain Computer Lab
Sonoco Institute

Computer Lab

Esko Packaging Supply Chain Computer Lab

The Esko Packaging Supply Chain Computer Lab features high-tech 3Dprinters that bring ideas to life. The most up-to-date technology allows users to generate their ideas digitally and produce them into potential products.

Photo of Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900

Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900
A 24" printer designed specifically for proofing flexographic and gravure print jobs that require the color white. The printer is capable of printing directly on both inkjet coated clear and metallic films in roll or cut sheet and is ideal for a variety of purposes. More info.

Photo of Epson SureColor P7000

Epson SureColor P7000
The 24-inch Epson SureColor® P7000 is designed for professional proofing and photographic applications, incorporating Epson's latest imaging technologies - including an exotic Epson PrecisionCore® TFP® print head, along with our unique Epson UltraChrome® HDX ten-color pigmented ink set - which now includes an all-new optional Violet color for up to 99-percent PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE solid coated color matching - perfect for the demanding requirements of package proofing. More info.

Photo of Esko Computer Lab

ESKO Computer Lab
A modern, sophisticated computer lab programmed with the most up-to-date software used in industry. In this lab, a project can be taken all the way from brainstorming, to development, to production. There is also software that is geared towards quality control, color management and project management. More info.

Photo of Makerbot Replicator 2

MakerBot Method X
Housed in our digital lab, the MakerBot Method X offers dual extrusion composite 3D printing in carbon fiber, with dissolvable supports. The Institute houses four printers with SmartAssist™ material loaders and capacitive touchscreens. More info.

Photo of Mimaki 3DUJ-553

Mimaki 3DUJ-553
The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 is a commercial 3D printer offering full-color modeling with over 10 million colors and UV-curable inkjet printing technology. Its rich color expression is highly suited to create photorealistic prototypes and final products. More info.

Photo of Software

A full suite of graphics and packaging software including Adobe Suite, Esko ArtiosCAD, Esko Studio, Esko Deskpack, Solidworks and much more.

Other Capabilities

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