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Thao Tran


Assistant Professor
Materials and Inorganic Chemistry

Phone: 864-656-3220
Office: 383 Hunter

Research Group


Dr. Tran received her B.S. degree in chemistry from Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh and Ph.D. (2015) in chemistry under the guidance of Prof. Shiv Halasyamani from University of Houston. Her dissertation work focused on multifunctional materials, e.g., nonlinear optical, piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity and ferroelectricity properties. She conducted postdoctoral research (2016-2019) with Prof. Tyrel McQueen at Johns Hopkins University working on photovoltaic and exotic magnetic materials. She joined the faculty at Clemson University in 2019.

Research Interests

Research in the Tran laboratory focuses on addressing challenges in the functional properties of complex optical, magnetic and electronic materials for twenty-first century technologies by applying design-driven materials and chemistry approaches. The Tran group uses combinations of new synthetic tools and chemical insights, structure and physical properties characterization (e.g., advanced synchrotron X-ray, time-of-flight neutron diffraction, spectroscopic methods and electronic properties) and computational theories to design, explore and understand materials. The research program allows our team members (students and postdocs) to gain multidisciplinary experience in synthetic techniques, advanced characterization, analytical modeling and calculations and expand their understanding to other related fields.


To read more about Dr. Tran’s contributions, please visit this link.