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The Wellness Zone

The Wellness Zone is an area in the lobby of the Fike Recreation Center that serves as a hub for departments across campus to provide students wellness resources. The Wellness Zone features a restorative holistic virtual fitness space with an interactive touch screen TV, with content such as yoga, stretching, mindfulness, exercise, breathwork and meditation.

Programs in the Wellness Zone are designed to target the eight dimensions of wellness:

Emotional Wellness: having a positive attitude, high self-esteem, a strong sense of self and the ability to recognize and share a wide range of feelings with others in a constructive way.

Spiritual Wellness: finding meaning in life events, demonstrating individual purpose and having the ability to be compassionate towards others.

Intellectual Wellness: being open to new ideas, thinking critically, and seeking out new challenges.

Occupational Wellness: seeking and/or having a career that is interesting, enjoyable, and positively contributes to society.

Physical Wellness: adopting healthy behaviors to prepare our bodies for optimal health and functioning.

Environmental Wellness: being aware of the interactions between the environment, community and ourselves.

Financial Wellness: understanding the importance of sustaining ourselves financially for the short and long term.

Social Wellness: the ability to build personal connections with others, deal with conflict and to be a part of a positive social network.

Interested in bringing a Wellness Zone event to Fike?
Please call 864-656-9565 or email for more information.

Student training at Fike Recreation Center


  • How to Sign Up for a Session in the Wellness Zone

    Registration for a session in the Wellness Zone will open 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

    • Visit our online member portal
    • Click the Sign In button at the upper right-hand corner
    • Sign in with your Clemson username and password (without the
    • Click the "Fitness & Wellness" icon
    • Select Wellness Programs from the dropdown menu
    • Click on Self paced yoga, mediation, mindfulness
    • Find the time you want to register for and and click "Select" and then "Register".
    • Click "Proceed to Checkout"
    • Click "Checkout"
    • Receive your confirmation right to your inbox*!

    *If you use a email account, your receipt may not be delivered. Receipts are automatically sent to accounts.

  • How to Cancel a Session in the Wellness Zone

    Navigate to our online member portal

    • Click the Sign In button at the upper right-hand corner.
    • Sign in with your Clemson username and password  (without the
    • Click on the Cancel a Registration button.
    • Find the class that you want to drop and click the three little dots.
    • Click "Cancel Registration".
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