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Center for Research and Collaborative Activities

  • What is the CRCA?

    The CRCA is the Center for Research and Collaborative Activities. Its mission is to facilitate and support research and collaborative activities in the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences (CBSHS) and the College of Education (CoE). Its specific objectives are to 1) support CBSHS/CoE research priorities and initiatives and facilitate a collaborative research development environment and 2) provide research administration support to faculty in CBSHS/CoE.

  • What is CRCA’s role in grant development support?

    CRCA facilitates grantsmanship, research initiatives, and scholarship by providing a variety of services to faculty (and staff) along the full life-cycle of grant, including professional development, pre-award support, and post-award services. CRCA is part of a network of college grant support centers that helps sustain the overall research enterprise and infrastructure of Clemson University and its Division of Research.

  • Whom does CRCA primarily serve?

    CRCA primarily serves CoE and CBSHS faculty and staff and supports university research initiatives and college priorities expressed through the Deans’ Offices.

  • What services does CRCA provide?
    • Conduct targeted searches for funding opportunities
    • Review requirements of RFPs
    • Share proposal development and research resources
    • Provide feedback on draft proposals for content, structure, and fit with sponsor priorities
    • Facilitate collaborative proposal teams and development activities
    • Contact program officers to discuss research ideas and request feedback
    • Prepare proposal budgets and budget justifications
    • Coordinate sub-recipient participation in projects
    • Review proposals for compliance with sponsor requirements and university policies
    • Complete and route application packages for electronic approvals and submission
    • Negotiate acceptance of grant awards
    • Track post-award grant budgets and serve as liaison with Grants and Contracts Administration
    • Deliver grant-writing workshops
    • Deliver other ongoing seminars or workshops
    • Facilitate external mock reviewer program with honoraria
    • Support internal grant programs
    • Develop strategies to support faculty research
    • Support the college research committee
  • How do faculty members in CoE and CBSHS begin to work with CRCA on a grant proposal?

    If you intend to submit a grant proposal, please “hit the paw” on the right to notify us. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with the name of the grants coordinator who will support you on your proposal submission 

    *HINT* For New Faculty -- To submit grant proposals, the university requires faculty to complete and maintain a current Sponsored Programs Certification, with online training every three years. For more information, please visit:

  • What if a faculty member has other questions, i.e., doesn't plan to submit a proposal but needs help?

    Please contact CRCA via email - - or phone (864-656-2071).

  • Where is CRCA located?

    CRCA has office locations in Tillman Hall, Edwards Hall, and Brackett Hall, and can be reached through

  • What other research-related resources are available at Clemson?

    Faculty can search for funding opportunities through the SMARTS & SPIN module available in InfoEd, a web-based application provided by the university (login required). SPIN is used to find funding opportunities related to a particular search. SMARTS is used with SPIN to deliver funding opportunities via email that match a set of search criteria. To view a 4-minute video, visit:

    Cooper Library has numerous online and in-house services to help navigate research and data resources, and offers specialized assistance on data management plans (increasingly required in grant proposals) as well as open-access publishing. For more information, and

    Through the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Statistics and Mathematics Consulting Center (SMCC) offers statistical guidance and interpretation in support of the university’s research efforts across a broad range of disciplines. For more information, visit

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