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Faculty and Staff Profile

Danny Weathers

Associate Professor

Office: 349C Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864-656-5963

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Business Administration (Marketing)
University of South Carolina 2002

MS Statistics
University of South Carolina 1996

BS Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University 1994

 Courses Taught

Multivariate Data Analysis (MS)
Marketing Metrics
Marketing Research (MBA and undergraduate)
Principles of Marketing
Marketing Management (MBA)
Pricing and Promotions (Ph.D.)

 Research Interests

Methodological and measurement issues, pricing, consumer behavior, e-commerce and digital

 Research Publications

Weathers, Danny, Scott D. Swain, and Varun Grover (forthcoming), "Can Online Product Reviews be More Helpful? Examining Characteristics of Information Content by Product Type," Decision Support Systems.

Weathers, Danny and Ahmet Bardakci (forthcoming), "Can Response Variance Effectively Identify Careless Respondents to Multi-item, Unidimensional Scales?" Journal of Marketing Analytics.

Carlson, Jay P., Danny Weathers, and Scott D. Swain (forthcoming), "Consumer Responses to Bonus Pack and Product Enlargement Claims," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Weathers, Danny, Scott D. Swain, and Igor Makienko (forthcoming), "When and How Should Retailers Rationalize the Size and Duration of Price Discounts," Journal of Business Research.

Swain, Scott D., B. Andrew Cudmore, and Danny Weathers (2012), "Communicating Product Safety Innovations: When Labels Signal Greater Manufacturer Responsibility," The Journal of Management and Engineering Integration, 5 (2), 58-65.

Weathers, Danny, Scott D. Swain, and Jay P. Carlson (2012), "Why Consumers Respond Differently to Absolute versus Percentage Descriptions of Quantities," Marketing Letters, 23 (4), 943-957.

Niedrich, Ronald W., Danny Weathers, R. Carter Hill, and David R. Bell(2009), "Specifying Price Judgments with Range-Frequency Theory in Models of Brand Choice," Journal of Marketing Research, 46 (October), 693-702.

Carlson, Jay P. and Danny Weathers (2008), "Examining Differences in Consumer Reactions to Partitioned Prices with a Variable Number of Price Components," Journal of Business Research, 61 (July), 724-31.

Swain, Scott D., Danny Weathers, and Ronald W. Niedrich (2008), "Assessing Three Sources of Misresponse to Reversed Likert Items," Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (February), 116-131.