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We Were First Generation College Students

Becoming a Clemson Tiger is an exciting opportunity, but we understand that sometimes as a first-generation student, you worry that you won’t fit in on a college campus. We know how that feels. Many of our faculty and staff were the first in their family to attend college and understand what that is like for our current students. Going to college is a powerful transition that can at times feel overwhelming. You don’t have to experience that alone. You belong here.

Feel free to connect with faculty and staff who were first-generation themselves:

Name Title Email Phone
James H. Blake State Director - SC Master Naturalist Program 864-898-8321
Ryan Bohannon PhD Student - Forest Resources
Luke Bower Assistant Professor
Erin Buchholtz Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Asst. Unit Leader - SC Cooperative Research Unit 864-656-8558
Dillan Burkett Graduate Instructor
George Cavender Assistant Professor 706-431-3746
DeAndra Cooper Williamsburg County 4-H Youth Development Agent 843-401-1080
Alexis Daymon Administrative Assistant 843-774-8218
Kenneth De León Colón PhD Student & RA - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Catherine DiBenedetto, Ph. D. Associate Professor 864-656-0296
Jamie Duberstein Research Scientist 706-410-6722
Susan Duckett Professor 864-656-1505
Joanna Fiddler Assistant Professor 864-656-3397
James Frederick Professor, Ag Science Curriculum Specialist 843-992-8077
Kenneth Greene PhD Student
Jess Hartshorn Assistant Professor of Forest Health 864-656-4861
Lauren Hood Graduate Research Assistant
Erika Hwang Graduate Teaching Assistant 803-238-2183
Dawoon Jeong Assistant Professor
Annie Joye Research Specialist III
Khushwinder Kaur Graduate Research Assistant
Brittney King Commercial Horticulture Extension Agent 843-519-2402
Sara Lalk Graduate Research Assistant
John Lawson Graduate Research Assistant
Amie Mabe Greenville County 4-H Youth Development Agent 864-365-0627
Trisha Markus Ph.D. Student
Courtney Marneweck Post-doctoral Researcher
Mason McNair Dr. Mason McNair
Nataly Medina Graduate Research Assistant 773-727-4628
Daniela Moreno PhD Student 803-507-2607
Dana Nelson PhD Candidate - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology 316-207-4092
Glen Payne Urban Horticulture Agent 843-473-6025
Kayla Payne Chief of Staff 864-656-3225
Brandon Peoples Associate Professor of Fisheries Ecology 864-656-4855
J. Todd Petty Department Chair and Professor of Aquatic Sciences 864-656-3302
Stacy Phillips Data Entry Assistant
Olivia Poelmann Graduate Research Assistant 262-994-8626
Robert (Bob) Polomski Associate Extension Specialist--Horticulture/Arboriculture 864-656-2604
Yoseph Roman 843-683-2533
Kayla Scarborough EFNEP Nutrition Educator 803-649-6297
Liliane Severino da Silva Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist 352-871-5830
James Smoak Jr Research Farm Manager 803-671-1986
Ricardo ST AIME Post-doctoral Researcher 864-722-3594
James Strickland Professor
Aaron Turner Assistant Professor 864-656-9869
Wanda Vandroff EFNEP Nutrition Educator 843-561-6077
Leandro (Leo) Vieira-Filho Postdoctoral Fellow, Climate-Smart Forage Systems 813-836-4125
Zhine Wang PhD student 626-560-4340
Sue Watts Educational Program Coordinator 864-650-1811
Kimberly Whitlock PhD Student PES 986-200-8455
Jonathan Windham Extension Associate 843-519-0487

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