Aaron Turner

Assistant Professor
Ag. Mech. and Business Program
Agricultural Sciences Department

Office: 250 McAdams
Phone: 864-656-9869
Email: apturne@clemson.edu


 Educational Background

Ph.D Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
University of Kentucky 2018

M.S. Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
University of Kentucky 2014

B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology
New Mexico State University 2010

 Courses Taught

AGM 2200- Calculations for Mechanized Agriculture
AGM 4000- Senior Seminar in Agricultural Mechanization and Business
AGM 4720- Capstone
AGM 8710/ PES 8060- Grain Handling and Storage
FDSC 4080- Food Engineering


My research program includes engineering aspects of harvesting and post-harvest processing systems (handling, drying, and storage). My research examines how sensors and agricultural data can be leveraged to allow producers to make better decisions, and to develop system models to improve the efficiency and sustainability of production.

Related to harvest logistics, my work explores issues related to harvest timing and losses. This includes developing models for grain harvest systems and applying site specific weather information to develop models for crop dry down. I am also exploring applications of sUAS to identify areas of a field with damage, specifically focusing on lodging in corn.

Specific research focuses related to grain inventory include better quantifying grain handling losses and calibration of a science-based model for determining packing of grains in upright storage structures. Other post-harvest grain management interests include evaluating fan control strategies for natural air drying.

 Research Interests

Harvest logistics
Grain inventory management
Biomass harvest strategies
Farm energy use
Precision agriculture


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