Ricardo ST AIME

Post-doctoral Researcher
Laspau Fulbright Scholar
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: 202c Biosystems Research Complex
Phone: 864-722-3594
Email: rstaime@clemson.edu
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 Educational Background

Ph.D. Plant and Environmental Sciences
Clemson University 2022

M.S Plant and Environmental Sciences
Clemson University 2019

B.Sc Agricultural Engineering (Major: Crop Science)
State University of Haiti 2004


Ricardo is originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he completed his B.Sc. in crop science at the State University of Haiti. After a decade promoting practices in conservation and urban agriculture with the UN-Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Ricardo realized that a novel approach to agriculture is needed to address the challenges that farmers of his country are facing. Hence, he got his passion for sustainable agriculture and ecological whole-farm systems with a network approach. In Fall 2016, he received a LASPAU Fulbright scholarship to work with Dr. Sruthi Narayanan and study the contribution of cover crops to improve the sustainability and profitability of agronomic production systems.
Ricardo wants to build a research career on climate-resilient and sustainable agricultural practices to fight hunger, malnutrition, and poverty.

 Research Interests

I'm interested in soil health, cover cropping, Soil-plant-water relationships


St Aime, R., Bridges Jr, W. C., & Narayanan, S. Fall-winter cover crops promote soil health and control weed in the Southeastern clayey soils. Agronomy Journal. 2022

St Aime, R., Noh, E., Bridges, W. C., & Narayanan, S. A Comparison of Drill and Broadcast Planting Methods for Biomass Production of Two Legume Cover Crops. Agronomy 2022 12(1): 79.

R. St Aime, G. Rhodes, M. Jones, B.T. Campbell, and S. Narayanan. Evaluation of root traits and water use efficiency of different cotton genotypes in the presence or absence of a soil-hardpan. The Crop Journal. 2021. 9 (4): 945-953.

R. St Aime, R. Zehnder, G.W. Talley, and S. Narayanan. Difference in biomass production and water use efficiency among seven different cover crops in the wet winter seasons of 2016/17 and 2018 in South Carolina. Agronomy 2020 10(4): 463.