Catherine DiBenedetto, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor
Agricultural Sciences Department

Office: 251 McAdams Hall
Phone: 864-656-0296
Fax: 864-656-0338


 Educational Background

Ph.D Agricultural Education
University of Florida 2015

Certificate - Teaching and Learning in Agriculture and Life Sciences
University of Florida 2015

M.S. Instruction in Agriscience Education
University of Delaware 2009

B.S. Plant Science
University of Delaware 1992

 Courses Taught

AGED 1020 Agricultural Education Freshman Seminar
AGED 2030 Teaching Agriscience
AGED 2031 Teaching Agriscience Lab
AGED 4010/6010 Teaching Methods in Agricultural Education
AGED 4011/6011 Teaching Methods in Agricultural Education Lab
AGED 4060 Directed Teaching
AGED 4230/6230 Curriculum
AGED 4280/6280- Special Problems in Agricultural Education
AGED 8040/41- Special Topics in Teaching Agriscience
AGED 8100- Clinical Research in Agricultural Education


Prior to becoming an assistant professor at Clemson University, I spent many years working in various facets of the horticulture industry and seven years as a high school agriscience teacher and FFA Advisor in Delaware. My current teaching in the Agricultural Education Program is focused in the areas of instructional methods,curriculum design,and teaching in agriscience laboratories. I am very passionate about advising, mentoring, and working with pre-service teachers to prepare them to be effective instructors in successful school-based agricultural education programs.

 Research Interests

My research agenda focuses on the study of student readiness in the 21st century to provide teacher professional development and effectively prepare students with the 21st century employability skills needed to become career ready. My research interests also include inquiry-based instructional methods, teacher self-efficacy/effectiveness,and interdisciplinary education.

 Extension and Outreach

My goal is to work collaboratively with the South Carolina Association of Agricultural Educators to provide instructional materials and disseminate research findings to better prepare pre-service and in-service agriscience teachers with opportunities to increase instructional self-efficacy and highlight inquiry-based instruction and STEM education in their classrooms and laboratories.


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