Mason McNair

Dr. Mason McNair
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, PeeDee Research and Education Center

Office: PDREC Rm 120


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Plant Biology
University of Georgia 2022

B.S. Horticultural Science
North Carolina State University 2013

 Courses Taught

PBIO4650/6650 Plant Taxonomy (Spring 2022) UGA Lab Instructor
PBIO4650/6650 Plant Taxonomy (Spring 2021) UGA Lecture & Lab Instructor
PBIO 3650 Plant Ecology (Fall 2020) UGA Lab Teaching Assistant
PBIO 8350 Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution (Spring 2020) UGA Teaching Assistant
BIO 1108 Introduction to Organismal Biology (Fall 2019) UGA Lab Teaching Assistant
PBIO 8350 Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution (Spring 2019) UGA Teaching Assistant
BIO 1108 Introduction to Organismal Biology (Spring 2018) UGA Lab Teaching Assistant
HS 301 Plant Propagation (Spring 2009) NCSU Undergraduate Lab Teaching Assistant


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 Research Interests

My research focuses on inter- and intra-specific taxonomic delineation. Using North American Cercis (Redbuds) as a model system, I employ both genomic and morphometric approaches to identify the gene(s) underlying the phenotypic traits used to define species, subspecies, varieties, and forms within the genus. Using a pluralistic approach to taxonomy, I combine data from herbaria, common gardens, in-situ and ex-situ populations to make taxonomic determinations. My goal is to establish a robust pipeline for taxonomic delimitation, minimizing impacts on natural populations, and maximizing the utility of the data for conservation efforts. I also use 3D printing to enable affordable scientific research for underfunded labs, community (citizen) scientists, and underserved communities by creating simple, 3D printable designs. I implement these bespoke pieces of equipment throughout my research and use them in my teaching and outreach efforts as well.


McNair, M.C., Cruse-Sanders, J., Leebens-Mack, J.H. (in prep) Conservation data management in the digital age. Conservation Biology

McNair, M.C., Piotr T. Tuczapski, P.T., Havey, M.J., Leebens-Mack, J.H. (in prep) Radiation revealed in phylogenomic analysis of Allium (Amaryllidaceae) plastid genomes. Botanical Journal of the Linnaean Society

McNair, M.C., Cocioba, S.C., Pietrzyk, P. (in review) Toward a completely open-source 3D printable laboratory. Applications in Plant Science

McNair, M.C., Tarner, K., Gaya, H., Ingwers, M., Jones, H. (in submission) Effect of soilless media on small-scale propagation of Pinguicula gigantea. Propagation of Ornamental Plants.

McNair, M.C., Zenoble, M., Sexton, C.M. (accepted for publication; in review, 2023). Emphasis on quality in iNaturalist plant collections enhances learning and research utility. Journal of College Science Teaching.

McNair, M.C. Field Trip Report: Hybrids at Old Dock Preserve, North Carolina. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, 45:1, March 2016

McNair, M.C., & Harris, J., Germinating Nepenthes Seed: Putting Myths to Rest. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, 44:2, June 2015.

McNair, M.C., Wilkins, A., Werner, D.J., Wounding and Chemical Treatment Effects on Drosera capensis bud formation on leaf cuttings. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, 41:4, December 2012


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