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Amie Mabe

Greenville County 4-H Youth Development Agent
4-H Youth Development Program Team, Greenville County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Greenville
Phone: 864-365-0627



Educational Background

B.S. Extension Education
North Carolina State University 2018


Amie's journey commenced in Greensboro, North Carolina, where her roots in agriculture were nurtured while working in greenhouses. Her passion for the field was further ignited through her dedicated service as an officer in her local FFA chapter, culminating in her prestigious achievement of the FFA American Degree.

In 2018, Amie graduated from North Carolina State University, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Extension Education. During her academic journey, she immersed herself in the world of youth development and agricultural education, solidifying her commitment through an impactful internship with the Guilford County 4-H program.

Post-graduation, Amie embarked on a multifaceted career in the dairy industry, assuming key roles such as Biosecurity Manager, Event Coordinator, and Outside Sales Representative. Her diverse skill set and passion for agriculture laid the foundation for a fulfilling professional journey.

Amie's dedication to education led her to become an agriculture teacher for several years. Her advocacy for the National FFA Organization was exemplified through her role as a Teacher Ambassador, and she further contributed to the field by representing the North Carolina Agriculture Teacher Association on the Legislative Committee.

Today, Amie resides in Easley with her husband and two children, where her love for agriculture and her commitment to its growth continue to thrive.

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