Luke Bower

Assistant Professor
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: Lehotsky Hall 234
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

PhD Wildllife and Fisheries
Texas A&M Unversity 2019

MS Biology
Southeastern Louisiana University 2013

BS BIology
Erskine College 2010

 Courses Taught

Functional ecology

 Research Interests

I apply community, evolutionary, and functional ecology concepts to inform the management and conservation of freshwater fishes. My research focuses on understanding how changes in environmental gradients influences assemblage and functional structure of aquatic systems across multiple scales. I explore how the flow regime influences population and assemblage change across landscape gradients to better inform state flow standards. Another major research focus is the use of functional traits to examine ecological questions, assemblage responses to environmental alteration, and describe patterns across levels of biological organization, niche dimensions, and spatial scales to inform the conservation and management of aquatic systems.


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