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Crystal Anderson

Wildlife Biologist II
Doctoral Student
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department, Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science

Office: 177 Hobcaw Road, Georgetown SC 29442
Phone: 864-634-2170

Personal Website:


Educational Background

M.S. Forest Resource Management
Clemson University 2023

B.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Clemson University 2019


Crystal Anderson is currently a wildlife biologist with the James C. Kennedy Wetlands and Waterfowl Center in Georgetown, South Carolina. She is also currently working towards her Ph.D. under the advisement of Dr. Jim Anderson, studying the human dimensions of climate change and wetland loss.

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of human dimensions and disturbance ecology, especially as it relates to climate change. I am driven by a passion for understanding the dynamic interactions between human activities and climate variability. I would like to employ advanced spatial analysis techniques to unravel the spatial patterns and ecological consequences of disturbances, exploring how these disturbances influence wildlife populations and ecosystems. Additionally, my focus extends to examining the human dimensions of conservation and resource management, seeking to bridge the gap between ecological research and sustainable decision-making. By integrating these diverse elements, my research aims to contribute valuable insights into the complex relationships between wildlife, humans, and the changing environment, ultimately informing effective conservation strategies in the face of ongoing global challenges.


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