Brandon Peoples

Assistant Professor of Fisheries Ecology
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: Lehotsky 256
Phone: 864-656-4855
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

PhD Fish & Wildlife Conservation
Virginia Tech 2015

MS Fisheries & Wildlife Science
Virginia Tech 2010

BS Fisheries & Wildlife Biology
Arkansas Tech 2007

 Courses Taught

-Fishery Biology
-Design & Analysis of Ecological Experiments
-Creative Inquiry: Fish Biodiversity Challenge

 Research Interests

I research fishes and the habitats and interactions that sustain them. I work in a variety of systems—from small streams to large rivers and reservoirs—to understand the fish population and community patters. I use observational field studies, experiments, and modeling of large datasets to investigate a diversity of key questions regarding reproductive ecology, invasive species, population characteristics, and movement.

 Extension and Outreach

I am very active in the American Fisheries Society. I currently serve on the Publications Overview Committee and the newly-formed Science Communications Section. I have served several roles for the Southern Division of AFS, and currently administrate the listserv (email me to join).

I believe fisheries ecology should be accessible to everyone, so I co-write The Fisheries Blog with four other fisheries professionals. The Fisheries Blog has received regional and national recognition for excellence in communication, and we frequently collaborate to host science communication symposia at professional conferences.


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