Apprentice Termite Technician School

The Apprentice Termite Technician School provides two days of intense, basic instruction and hands-on experience for termite personnel. The program is designed for new or inexperienced termite technicians. Like the Master Termite Technician School, the Apprentice School meets at the Sandhill Research and Education Center in Columbia and uses a 2500 square foot training foundation.

Most classes average about 20 students and this enables instructors to give individual attention on a variety of subjects. Instructors take course work beyond simple memorization and focus on an understanding of procedures and the reasoning behind them. Attending technicians receive instruction in termite biology, practical field identification of wood-destroying organisms, their damage, and the safe use of tools, chemicals and other equipment for their control. Students are challenged to learn how to treat a variety of building techniques specific to South Carolina, and receive instruction and practice in calculating and applying the correct volume of termiticide for a treatment.

The final exam consists of trenching and drilling exercises, computations for two example houses and a written test. All certified applicators are awarded five recertification points for attending this program. Trained Apprentice Termite Technicians should return to their companies able to correctly identify and safely control termite infestations in most residential and commercial structures, including pre-treats.


Clemson University Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Eric P. Benson, Extension Entomologist
Clemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation
Mr. Lee Galloway, Senior Regulatory Specialist
Mr. Ryan Okey, Pesticide Program Chief
Mr. Kevin DeLorenzo, Regulatory Specialist

For more information contact:
Jackie Ellis, Programs Coordinator

Telephone: 864-656-5048
FAX: 864-656-4960

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March 22; March 23
Apprentice Termite Technician

April 7
Wood Infestation Report Training

June 5-10
Master Pest Control Technician

August 10; August 11
Apprentice Termite Technician

September 9
Wood Infestation Report Training

September 14
Fall Forum

October 13-14
Master Termite Technician


Sandhill REC
Columbia, SC


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