Master Termite Technician Class

Established in 1990, the Master Termite Technician School provides skill-related, practical training for experienced technicians. The goal is to improve the quality of termite treatments in South Carolina.

Sponsored by Clemson University, the school meets at the Sandhill Research and Education Center in Columbia. Instructors cover material in a classroom setting and through field work outside. A 2500 square foot crawl space and slab structure - minus the wooden superstructure - serves as a training foundation. Students are challenged to learn how to treat a variety of building techniques specific to South Carolina.

Upon successful completion of the three-part testing portion of the course, technicians are recognized as Master Termite Technicians. They receive a certificate and patches for their uniforms to distinguish them as part of an elite group of trained, competent technicians. Notice of their achievement is sent to local extension agents for recommendations to the public. Certified applicators earn five recertification credits for their pesticide license.

Criterion for the school is based on technicians' experience and proven skill. Typically the school is well suited to experienced termite personnel and graduates of the Apprentice Termite Technician School.


Clemson University Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Eric P. Benson, Extension Entomologist

Clemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation

Mr. Ezra Munn, Regulatory Specialist
Mr. Ernest Schoonover, Compliance Inspector
Mr. Ryan Okey, Pesticide Program Chief

For more information contact:
Jackie Ellis, Programs Coordinator

Telephone: 864-656-5048
FAX: 864-656-4960

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  November 5-6, 2015


   Sandhill REC
   Columbia, SC





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