Urban Pest Management Resources

Pest Control Resources

  • Insects Limited, Ltd.
  • National Pest Control Association
  • PestWeb (multiple industries site)
  • PCT (Pest Control Technology)
MSDS & Chemical Labels
  • Clemson Entomology Pesticide Information Program--Pesticide labels, MSDSheets, & chemical fact sheets:
  • Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS) Site--Pesticide product labels & MSDSs for over 70 manufacturers
  • Crop Protection Reference also known as the Greenbook
  • Turf & Ornamental Reference also known as the Bluebook
  • A comprehensive MSDS site
  • Kansas State University site with links to web sites with MSDSs
  • Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc.-- MSDS access and safety information site
Educational Resources
  • Other Universities
    • University of Ohio--Ohioline
    • University of Maryland--Home and Garden Information Center
    • North Carolina State--Residential, Structural and Community Pests
    • University of Nebraska
    • University of Florida--Household and Structural Pests
  • Other Organizations
    • Smithsonian Institution--Department of Entomology
General Entomology Resources
  • Entomology Index of Internet Resources--Comprehensive collection of entomology resources; L. B. Bjostad of Colorado State & J. K.VanDyk of Iowa State
  • BiologyBrowser--Comprehensive BIOSIS site
  • Iowa State University Entomology Insect Gallery--Images of harmful insects, plant diseases and damage. Also provides links to related articles
  • Scientific American--Provides a Search Engine which will retrieve numerous articles about insects
  • USDA Forest Service--online publications include Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets with numerous photographs and information on hosts, distribution, life cycle, and control
  • Colorado State University--Comprehensive listing of Entomology on the World-Wide Web