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College Faculty and Staff Resources

College Communications/Branding

  • College Identity Guidelines

    During the summer of 2020, the University began implementing a new brand (with new wordmarks, fonts, etc.), and the CBSHS Office of Communications and Public Relations will be working over the next several months to refresh materials with the new brand.

    In the interest of fiscal prudence, do not throw away printed materials you are still using with the "old" brand. Instead, please let Melanie Kieve know when you are ready to reprint materials and we will revise them before reprinting.

    Please see the CBSHS Brand Guidelines document for more details on brand colors, typography, etc. If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Kieve.

    If you wish to create branded materials for internal use, please see the CBSHS Brand Guidelines for guidance. Please work with Melanie Kieve regarding the branding of materials to be distributed to outside audiences.

  • Email Signatures

    To create a new email signature, please download the Clemson email wordmark titled 2020_Clemson_email_logo.png. (Right click the hyperlink and choose "Download Linked File" or "Save Link As.") Then, follow instructions provided on pages 10-12 of the CBSHS Brand Guidelines. Email Melanie Kieve if you have questions.

  • Faculty/Staff Profile Editing

    Edit Your Faculty/Staff Profile

      • Replace XXXXXXX with your CUID
      • Replace XXXXXX with your CUID
    • UPLOADING YOUR CV - If you would like to link your CV to your profile, you have two options:
      • Upload your CV to and then copy/paste the link to your CV in your profile. Several options are available to store your CV your Clemson storage space, make the link publicly avilable and then input that link into your profile; or 
      • Email your CV to He will then supply you with a link. **NOTE** If you choose this option, you will have to email a new CV every time you make changes. The option above circumvent this procedure.
    • Viewing New Profile Changes
      • Click "update" at the bottom of the form. 
      • Click "view profile"
      • Refresh (important) the subsequent pop-up profile page to view the changes.
    • Important Note
      • If you are editing your profile off campus, you must first log into the Clemson VPN in order to do so. 

    Profile Editing Tips

    • Make your text look better by placing a <p> at the beginning and </p> at the end of the paragraph
    • Placing the following code in your text before & after words or sentences will allow you to style your paragraph
      • <i>Italics</i>
      • <u>Underline</u>
      • <strong>Bold</strong>
      • <strong><i><u>This sentence will show up as bold, italics, underline.</u></i></strong>
      • <hr> Will give you a horizontal rule
      • <p>&nbsp;</p> will give you a paragraph spacer
      • <a href="">This sentence will show as a hot link</a>
    • EXAMPLE - Basic Formatting
      • I would like to have <i>these words in italics</i>. Then I would like to make <strong>these words bold</strong>. <strong><i><u>This sentence will show up a bold, italics, and underlined.</u></i></strong>
      • I would like to have these words in italics. Then I would like to make these words bold. This sentence will show up a bold, italics, and underlined.
    • EXAMPLE - Linking
      • I would like to link to <a href="">WhimsWeb.Com</a>, in a sentence.
      • I would like to link to WhimsWeb.Com, in a sentence.
    • APOSTROPHE ISSUES - If a backslash might appear where you have an apostrophe. To correct this, add the following code to replace the apostrophe and then add the "s" - &rsquo;
      • Jason's = Jason&rsquo;s
  • Wordmarks

    Note About Wordmarks - The majority of the time you will use the RGB color style in .jpg (white background) or .png (transparent background) format. Color styles CMYK and SPOT are usually used for professionally printed material.  

    Clemson University


  • Stationery Guidelines and PowerPoint Templates

    As of summer 2020, the University has redesigned stationery staples such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards and notepads. They can be ordered through Ricoh. Please contact your administrative coordinator if you need to place an order.

    Digital letterhead is available by request. Please contact Melanie Kieve at

    College-branded PowerPoint Templates are also available to download in 4:3 and Widescreen formats.

  • Brand Fonts

    If you need to create materials that are outward facing (going to people other than faculty/staff/students), please contact Melanie Kieve for design options. For internal projects, feel free to create projects using the fonts below. See page 5 of the CBSHS Brand Guidelines for more information, or contact Melanie if you need guidance/have questions.

    Serif Fonts

    • Source Serif - available for free download through Adobe Fonts * - can be used for in-house, internal projects created with Adobe and Microsoft products.
    • Book Antiqua - already available on most computers - can be used for in-house, internal projects created with Microsoft products.

    Sans Serif Fonts

    • Trade Gothic Next LT - available for free download through Adobe Fonts * - can be used for in-house, internal projects created with Adobe and Microsoft products.
    • Arial - already available on most computers - can be used for in-house, internal projects created with Adobe and Microsoft products.

      * You must install Creative Cloud in order to install Adobe Fonts. Instructions for installing Creative Cloud and Adobe Fonts are on page 6 of the CBSHS Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Colors

    Please see page 7 of CBSHS Brand Guidelines for more information on colors that should be used on CBSHS, school/departmental, or center/institute materials.

  • Photography/Videography

    The CBSHS Office of Communications and Public Relations fields requests for video projects and consults with requesters to determine if/how such requests can be fulfilled through internal/external sources. For more information, contact Michael Staton. The CBSHS Office of Communications and Public Relations does not have a dedicated photographer to fulfill photography requests but can consult with requesters to determine how such requests can be fulfilled. The University has dedicated photographers and can be contacted directly regarding requests. For more information, contact Melanie Kieve.

  • Website and Social Media

    CBSHS has a robust presence on the Clemson website as well as social media - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you haven’t done so already, please friend/follow us.

    To make edits to CBSHS, departmental, or center/institute websites, please contact Timothy Whims.

    To submit information for possible inclusion on CBSHS social media outlets, please contact Frances Parrish.

  • News Submissions

    To submit news/story ideas, please contact Michael Staton or Frances Parrish.

College Operation/Organization