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Master of Science (MS)

First offered in 1984, there are more than 700 Clemson alumni in academia and industry with a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University.  The Industrial Engineering Department at Clemson University is one of the best industrial engineering schools in the US.

MS Industrial Engineering Curriculum

The Clemson Industrial Engineering Department offers a Master of Science Industrial Engineering degree with both a thesis and non-thesis option. Current Clemson Industrial Engineering undergraduate students can also pursue the MS Industrial Engineering through the Combined BS/MS route. A complete description of program materials and requirements is available in the  Graduate Handbook.

MS Industrial Engineering Non-Thesis Option

The Master of Science Industrial Engineering program (non-thesis) is an excellent choice for most students and recommended for all students who enter the program without an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering.  The Master of Science Industrial Engineering provides a solid background for students seeking industrial employment after graduation, as well as those who wish to pursue a PhD following the MS degree.

MS Industrial Engineering Thesis Option

The Master of Science Industrial Engineering thesis option is preferred by students with interests in research, who are actively working on research projects, and are considering PhD work in the future.

Funding and Support

MS Industrial Engineering students may apply for federal funding and Clemson University scholarship programs to fund their academic studies. Departmental assistantships are generally not available for MS Industrial Engineering students. While there are no guarantees of financial assistance, occasionally assistantships or financial assistance are available to students who have demonstrated success at Clemson University and have demonstrated a desire to conduct research. MS Industrial Engineering students are also eligible to seek employment opportunities with other departments as available.

Contact Information

Admission and program-related questions should be sent to the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Thomas Sharkey.